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New remote hub for business customers of UniCredit Bulbank


New remote hub for business customers of UniCredit Bulbank
  • Nearly 700 consultations per day have taken place since the beginning of the year

Further to its strategic objective of offering more and more products and services completely remotely, as well as in response to the growing demand for assistance from customers that are legal entities, UniCredit Bulbank has set up a specialised remote hub for business customer services.

The new remote hub allows legal entities that are customers of the bank to receive services entirely remotely without the need to visit a bank office. Customers can contact the bank both on the official telephone number of the Call Centre and on the dedicated direct telephone lines. Business customers are also given the opportunity for online video consultation, as well as have the option to share content electronically.

“Digitalisation is at the heart of our strategy, not only because it is what our customers expect from us, but also because we want to offer the best customer experience. Digitalisation is the way to offer flexibility and facilitate processes for all, both customers and colleagues. Today, more than 90 % of the services offered in a branch for individuals can be provided just by a telephone call. Building on this, we continue to specialise our services also towards our business customers, offering more and more diverse remote options for them, consolidating our leadership as a digital bank,” commented Borislav Genov, Head of Retail Banking at UniCredit Bulbank.

The bank’s business customers can rely on full remote assistance for the products and services they use, such as POS terminals, cards and card transactions, online and mobile banking, as well as advice and requesting new products — bank accounts, package programmes for business clients, issuance of debit/credit cards, savings and investment products, including various lending options.

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