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Instant money transfers for customers of UniCredit Bulbank


Instant money transfers for customers of UniCredit Bulbank

Customers of UniCredit Bulbank now have the opportunity to order and receive money transfers in 10 seconds through the Blink Instant Payments Program. The range of these payments covers interbank transfers of up to BGN 30,000 for customers of the banks that participate in Blink.

Users of the digital channels of UniCredit Bulbank may order their instant transfers via the mobile banking application Bulbank Mobile for an amount of up to BGN 20,000 and up to BGN 30,000 via Bulbank Online.

With UniCredit Bulbank joining Blink, all BGN transfers through the digital channels of the bank (Bulbank Online and Bulbank Mobile) that meet the instant payment criteria will be processed by the bank in 10 seconds, 24/7, 365 days a year, without interruptions on official holidays and non-working days. They will not require any additional actions by customers, they will be much faster, convenient and at the same price as a standard interbank transfer.

 “Such payments are already something natural and ordinary at many foreign markets. So, it was a matter of time for them to become the standard in Bulgaria, too. We wanted to implement the service in our digital channels in the most customer-oriented way possible, so that this new type of payment will be the default type, provided that the transfer terms meet the Blink requirements. The instant transfer fee is the same as the fee for a standard interbank BGN transfer. This should also encourage customers to choose it. We believe that the new service for individuals and legal entities will meet the growing needs of our customers to be able to instantly send and receive funds at any time of the day and night,” said Viktor Stoyanov, Head of Alternative Channels at UniCredit Bulbank.

The main advantages of the new service are speed and availability throughout the year. With only a few clicks, on a smart phone or computer, customers can transfer funds in seconds to their relatives or business partners. Using smart phones is becoming more popular among users when they have to pay retailers, providers, friends, family, etc.

Introducing solutions such as Blink instant payments is part of UniCredit Bulbank's strategy for development and improvement of services offered by the bank through digital solutions in line with global markets trends. Another evidence of the higher demand for payments through digital channels is the growth by over 50% of the total amount of transfers via the mobile banking application Bulbank Mobile in the first ten months of 2022, as compared to the same period of 2021. It is also a reflection of the customers’ feedback on the service provided by the bank.

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