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How to protect yourself from fraud?


How to protect yourself from fraud?

Dear Customers,

Currently, telephone and other types of fraud are on the rise again. Therefore, please, be very vigilant and cautious during each contact made with you, initiated by unfamiliar persons and involving urgent withdrawal and transfer of funds on your part or related to the provision of personal data and bank card details.

The channels through which fraudsters can contact you are various – by telephone, email, through Facebook, Messenger and Viber social networks, directly on the street or at your home. Apart from that, fraudsters also use numerous deception techniques and present themselves as different people – close friends, relatives, doctors, police officers, social workers, employees of agencies, banks and other institutions.

In such situations, our recommendation is that you should by no means follow the instructions/orders you have been given and you should inform immediately the law enforcement authorities by calling telephone number 112.

Please, be informed that UniCredit Bulbank never requires confidential information from its customers (user names, passwords for online banking or card payments, bank card details, etc.). In case you receive such type of communication, you can also contact the Call Centre of the Bank at telephone number 0700 1 84 84 (short number 1 84 84) or at e-mail: DbmmDfousfAVojDsfejuHspvq/ch.

You can also read our cyber security tips  on the website of the bank.