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Five thousand customers will be offered complete remote servicing


Approximately five thousand customers of UniCredit Bulbank will be offered complete remote servicing - through the so called alternative channels of the bank: Call center, Bulbank Online, Bulbank Mobile, etc.[1]

The customers that would be the initial target of the innovative model of UniCredit Bulbank have already been informed via e-mail or through a phone call of the opportunity to have a comprehensive servicing without visiting a branch. Those that choose remote servicing can rely on a personal bank advisor who would be available when they need advice or assistance.  The customers will be able to perform bank transactions by signing the necessary documents using a qualified electronic signature through the Evrotrust platform.  Some of the transactions that could be performed remotely for them are:  opening and closing of accounts, cards and deposits, submitting applications and signing documents related to loans, advisory and opening of savings and investment products, etc.

So, they will have to visit branches only for transactions such as withdrawing or depositing larger amounts of money, for example. 

“We decided to offer this innovative and modern option of everyday bank servicing mainly in order to meet the customers’ expectations.  Our observations and our partner organisations’ analysis indicate that people are more digitally-oriented now and that a significant part of them would rather be serviced online, if this is possible,” explained Temenuzhka Gogova, Head of Marketing and Segments Department at UniCredit Bulbank. She quoted data from a survey of consumers’ attitude with respect to bank services by Boston Consulting Group. 80% of the participants say that they are willing to switch from servicing at a branch to online servicing and the reasons are: convenience (69% of the respondents), easier comparison of offers (24% of the respondents) and lower fees for some products and services (6% of the respondents).

According to Gogova, the new servicing model has a potential to grow but this will not make the branches less important, as high-quality servicing and advisory will still be provided to customers there. 

[1] The customers that could benefit from this opportunity are individuals with liquid assets of more than TBGN 100 and/or a monthly income of BGN 2,600.




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