Customers of UniCredit Bulbank can submit orders for purchase or sale of securities remotely

Customers of UniCredit Bulbank can submit orders for purchase or sale of securities remotely via an active profile in Bulbank Online.

In order to use the service, customers need to activate the section “Investments and Markets” in their profile in the online banking. This will enable them to submit orders for sale of securities: shares and bonds in the regulated markets (securities exchanges) in Bulgaria and abroad; to check and follow up their orders and transactions as well as details of their securities portfolio; as well as to keep up to date with the changes in the Bulgarian Stock Exchange (BSE).

UniCredit Bulbank strives to be a bank which is easy to deal with and provides to its customers an opportunity to use its services and processes entirely online. In this regard, the new function of Bulbank Online gives a possibility to UniCredit Bulbank customers to submit orders for purchase or sale of shares and bonds in regulated markets via a remote channel.  For additional protection of the customers, all orders submitted online are subject to subsequent processing by a broker of UniCredit Bulbank. In case additional consulting is needed, customers can address their personal banker or the Call Center of UniCredit Bulbank”, explained Ivan Apostolov, Head of Markets and Brokerage Department at UniCredit Bulbank.

In order to be able to submit online orders for purchase or sale of securities, the customers of UniCredit Bulbank have to make a one-time visit to a branch of the bank and sign the necessary documents for the service “Securities Trade” via Bulbank Online. The service can be used by local and foreign individuals and legal entities who are customers of the bank.

For additional information, customers can contact our Call Center – 0700 18484 (short number 18485 from a mobile phone) or check on the website of UniCredit Bulbank

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