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Customer satisfaction survey 2022


  • Participate in the EUROMONEY Trade Finance Survey 2022.

Conducted on a yearly basis, the survey takes in the opinions of cash managers, treasurers and financial officers around the world, using their feedback to comprehensively establish the best providers in the market. Leading financial institutions were asked to indicate which banks they currently use most for their trade finance management services and to rate their most used cash managers across various service categories.

Your feedback will be a highly appreciated for us to see, where we can optimize our efforts according to your needs.

The survey will run from August 31st until October 15th 2021. To take part in the survey, please refer to the following link.

Your response is kept in the strictest confidence and remains non-attributable to you or your organization. The questionnaire will take about 10 minutes and is available in multiple languages.

We are really looking forward to receiving your feedback!
Thank you in advance for your time!


The Team of UniCredit Bulbank