Computers and electronic devices are the most purchased products on Black Friday

What do people look for?

Computers, TV sets and household appliances again were the most wanted goods on Black Friday. According to UniCredit Consumer Financing data, these three types of products have accounted for a 56% share of all Black Friday sales. According to the company’s statistics for consumer lending, next come mobile phones, followed by air-conditioning and heating equipment.

This year the company reports once again stable levels of online shopping. According to last year’s statistics, 56% of the requests on Black Friday were made online, while this year the data indicates a slight decrease - exactly half of the customers who chose to make a purchase with a POS loan on the Black Friday day itself applied online. This interesting trend in the customer behaviour can be explained with the wish of the customers to add variety to their daily life by actually going out to their favourite shops. According to the survey, the decrease in the online requests on the day of Black Friday is fully compensated by the general increase in the number of online requests during the Black Friday weekend, as compared to the statistics for 2019.

Who shops?

According to the analysis, men are still the more active users on Black Friday, being 6% more than the ladies. However, the trend is for the number of women to grow - this year their share increased by 2% as compared to 2019.

The majority of the customers who purchased goods using financing are at the age of 29-36, and their share has increased by more than 3% as compared to last year’s statistics. On the other hand, in comparison to 2019, there is a decrease in the number of users at the age above 58 years who used financing.

In both consumer lending and POS lending there is a decrease in the requests during the reported period as compared to last year.  Obviously, the reason for this is the general decrease in consumption in the current period. Regardless of the slightly decreased volume as compared to last year’s Black Friday period, overall, online requests for consumer loans take up a larger share of the general requests.

UniCredit Consumer Financing has made things easier for all customers who need a consumer or a POS loan by fully digitalizing their processes of application, signing and utilization. The process itself is very easy and secure - the identification and the subsequent signing of the loan agreement with a qualified electronic signature are ensured by Eurotrust. 

The expectations are for shopping to increase again during the Christmas holidays, the forecast being that the interest of customers in electronic devices would remain.             

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