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Analysis by UCF: Computers and TV sets are the 2021 Black Friday favourite goods


Analysis by UCF: Computers and TV sets are the 2021 Black Friday favourite goods

According to statistics of the consumer lending company UniCredit Consumer Financing, computers, TV sets and mobile phones were the most popular products on Black Friday in 2021. These three product types accounted for a 62% share of all Black Friday sales. Immediately after them are washing machines and dryers, followed by air-conditioning and heating equipment.

A growth in online orders:

The forecasts of the company for a growth in online shopping, compared with the results from the previous year, were confirmed. This trend in customer behaviour fully coincides with the expectations. People aim to save more time and prefer to purchase the products they desire in a fast and easy way, with a few clicks. According to last year’s statistics, 52% of the requests on the day of Black Friday were made online, while this year the data indicate a growth of 10%, or 62% of the customers. Apart from that, the survey data indicate an increase of online requests on the day of Black Friday as well as stable levels during the weekend. 

Customers are prone to make more well-considered and expensive purchases:

The current situation makes consumers more cautious, they reduce certain costs and shop in a more careful and sustainable manner. Compared to the same period of the previous year, the data for the 2021 Black Friday indicate a decrease by 16% in the total number of submitted requests, but there is a serious increase in the average single purchase amount. This leads to the conclusion that customers are more precise in their choice and tend to make more careful and more expensive purchases, which may compensate for the decrease in the number of requests.

Trends in consumer behaviour:

This year, too, the share of women continues to increase. The growth is by 3% compared to 2020.  Most customers who purchased a product using financing are between 29 and 39 years of age, but there is a slight decrease by 2% compared to 2020.  The greater part of the customers of UniCredit Consumer Financing who belong to the group of 39 - 50 years of age prefer to shop in the brick-and-mortar stores of commercial partners, unlike those aged 29 to 39 years whose shopping is predominantly online.

The experts of UniCredit Consumer Financing observe a change in customer behaviour also with regard to consumer lending. Online consumer loan requests take up a growing share of the total number in the context of decreased volumes requested at brick-and-mortar stores or branches. Compared to the data for the previous year, there is a certain decrease in the requests during the reporting period. Nevertheless, the trend is for a stable consumption with an increasing prevalence of online sales. Shopping is expected to increase again during the Christmas holidays and the customers' interest - to remain focused on electronic devices.

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