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Learning and Development




Learning and Development

At UniCredit, we support the personal development of our people through learning programs designed to accompany our employees in each stage of their lifecycle.

Business is changing more rapidly than ever and we need to navigate digital, energy, and workplace transformations.

We help our staff fulfill their potential through new skills, thanks to a range of online and classroom courses.

Our leadership learning offer is made up of a diversified portfolio of resources spanning programs, tailor-made coaching, and mentoring to facilitate managers in facing new challenges and reach peak performance.


Leadership Paths

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For Executives

 Our Leadership Curriculum offers a full portfolio of solutions supporting our executives in each phase of his or her career.

In particular we offer Onboarding paths to all newly appointed executives, allowing them to take part in Leadership Programs and Individual Development opportunities.

For other career phases, we propose programs, labs and individual development.

Designed with the world's leading business schools, Leadership programs and Labs aim to foster skills needed to surf ambiguity and manage uncertainty and volatility in complex situations.

Individual Development provides coaching for specific goals, mentoring and 360-degree multi-rater feedback - so that managers can gain a  better understanding of personal strengths, development areas and impact on others. In addition, a selected pool of executives is eligible for the Fast Track accelerated development path.

In 2019, we registered 702 attendences in these programs across 14 countries.

"A fantastic program! It is wonderful to step back and realise the enormous potential for new ideas that we can seize and act on! Thanks a lot!"

Senior Vice President Fast Track Accelerated Program Participant

 "Thank you for organizing the Lead Change training! It provided the relevant content, triggered a critical review of my role and the impact I can have on team/organization at a right point in time of my professional development ."

Lead Chance Program Participant


"What a great experience, thanks to the professor and to the whole team for an insightful and impactful program."

First Vice President Onboarding participant

For New Managers

Within our dedicated offer for Managers, we provide a multiple-step program for our first-time managers: New Manager Onboarding, scheduled in the first year after nomination to share our approach to leadership and the basic skills they need in their new roles.

After the onboarding phase, and following a successful period in the role of Manager, colleagues are invited to participate in "Take-off", a tailor-made lab, designed to enrich and strengthen their managerial competences.

The focus is on main managerial skills such as engagement, feedback, delegation, communication styles, people development and a strong networking experience with peers.

Both initiatives last for three months, mixing classroom and online solutions, to offer our managers a true development experience that goes beyond a simple training participation.

"It was an inspiring and enlightening experience in many ways. To sum up with one word what we've been through these days, I'd talk about experience in many ways. To sum up with one word what we've been through these days, I'd talk about discovery." 

New Manager Onboarding participant


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People caring

A positive working environment means diversity and inclusion, where everyone can speak up and be listened to. This empowers people to do their best. In 2010, UniCredit became a financial services pioneer in supporting disabled customers and employees at Bank Austria. In Italy, in 2018, we were the first bank to appoint a Disability Manager to give colleagues guidance and promote an inclusive work culture. As part of our competitive benefits package, we offer a vast selection of Employee Assistance Programs with high quality consultation services for work and personal matters. These topics range from legal guidance, health counselling and life coaching to solving problems at work and financial advice.


Continuous Learning

Adding new skills is crucial to enabling our staff to help clients meet the challenges of a rapidly-changing world.That's why we offer a range of courses for continuous learning, developed in response to market trends.

Data Skill Booster

Learning paths designed to spread Data Culture across all functions and to help staff acquire new skills on Data Analysis, Data Protection, Data Science and Advanced Analytics.

Beginner courses introduce the fundamentals, while specific function-driven intermediate and advanced-level courses guarantee the upskilling of resources in specific roles on key data topics.

Both online and classroom trainings have been designed by leveraging premier providers and leading universities. 


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Creating a positive and inclusive working environment

Creating a positive and inclusive working environment means managing unconscious bias.

An online course is available to all employees across the group, helping them to recognise unconscious bias and mitigate its effects.

It is one of several courses that focus on diversity and inclusion themes, in line with our values of Ethics and respect.

We also offer online courses on sign language, working with a disabled colleague, how to fight sexism and bullying in the workplace and how to be an effective caregiver.  


 Language School   

UniCredit is a global bank attracting people from different countries and which offers international careers promoting language training all across the Group.

The Language School is available to all staff for up to seven different languages.

The digital platform offers courses, videos, articles, lessons for grammar and vocabulary, and a Virtual Classroom around the clock and on weekends.

Both online and classroom trainings have been designed by leveraging premier providers and leading universities. 


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