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Company Welfare




Company Welfare

UniCredit is committed to being one of the best employers in the European financial sector.

We believe that a positive work environment, based on respect, enables each and every colleague to contribute their best to achieving what really matters.

That's why we have implemented 250 specific Corporate Welfare programs, in 16 countries, to improve the quality of life of our colleagues and to support them during the most important moments in their lives.

Our commitment is grounded on three main pillars: work-life balance, wellbeing and people caring.
We have more initiatives in the pipeline.

These Welfare programs are offered in addition to our health, insurance, financial and account benefits which vary from country to country.

 Our Corporate Welfare Pillars

UniCredit is a global bank and the ideas that drive our Corporate Welfare programs are the same everywhere. These pillars are one of the reasons why we were named a Top Employer in Europe in 2020. 




Flexibility allows us to best manage our time at work. We actively encourage flexible work hours, remote working, and part-time. Flexibility also means making time for a satisfying work-life balance. We offer paid leave that respects rapid cultural changes and gives equal treatment to all family models. This paid leave includes maternity, paternity and childcare leaves. It also includes permissions for important life events, such as the birth of a relative, celebrating a marriage or civil partnership, buying a house, and pursuing an educational opportunity.



We offer a vast selection of healthy lifestyle programs, on topics ranging from nutrition, fitness, relationship-building, and cognitive-emotional issues such as resilience and personal awareness, in addition to our health benefits. In some countries, we offer seminars with experts. Others have wellbeing rooms for breaks, relaxation, games or informal meetings. Our benefits package includes a vast selection of sporting activities. Gym memberships are just a start - colleagues can also join tournaments, classes and team sports such as basketball, football and volleyball. We also give access to discounted bike rentals. To find out more, consult our local channels.


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People caring

A positive working environment means diversity and inclusion, where everyone can speak up and be listened to. This empowers people to do their best. In 2010, UniCredit became a financial services pioneer in supporting disabled customers and employees at Bank Austria. In Italy, in 2018, we were the first bank to appoint a Disability Manager to give colleagues guidance and promote an inclusive work culture. As part of our competitive benefits package, we offer a vast selection of Employee Assistance Programs with high quality consultation services for work and personal matters. These topics range from legal guidance, health counselling and life coaching to solving problems at work and financial advice.