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Universal Pension Fund Allianz

Ensure with the Mandatory Universal Pension Fund Allianz Bulgaria. It provides additional lifetime pension to persons born after 31.12.1959 of the Social Insurance Code.

Universal Pension Fund Allianz


  • You accumulate funds for additional pension in individual accounts
  • Reliable partner that ensures prudent management of your funds and good customer service
  • Contributions to those funds are paid partially or fully by your employer/insurer but the money collected to your personal accounts are yours


How does Supplementary Compulsory Pension Insurance work?

Through the contributions for Supplementary Compulsory Pension Insurance (SCPI) collected together with the contributions to the State Social Insurance (SSI) the insured persons accumulate money for additional pension funds.

In those funds the money is accumulated in individual accounts of each insured person.

Type of SCPI funds

  • Universal (UPF) - accumulate funds for payment of additional lifetime pension, independent of pensions paid by the SSI
  • Professional (PPF) - ensure early retirement of those working under first and second labor category. Contributions in the PPF are fully paid by the employers

Choice of SCPI fund

  • Initial – within three months after the beginning of mandatory insurance, i.e. when the insured person first started working (including first and second labor category).
  • Change of fund – upon expiry of the statutory period, the SCPI fund can be changed at the request of the insured person. All funds accumulated in his/her account, as well as all future contributions, are transferred to the new selected pension fund.

More Information About Allianz Bulgaria

Why we suggest you to choose the pension funds of Allianz Bulgaria?

Allianz Bulgaria is part of Allianz SE – a global financial services company that serves 78 million customers in over 70 countries.

The huge international experience and proven professionalism make Allianz Bulgaria a reliable partner in the important decisions you make about your future.

Security and investment results

The investment policy of Allianz Bulgaria Pension Insurance Company aims to maintain a balanced investment portfolio. The assets are invested with high level of diversification and prevailing share of state or state-guaranteed fixed-income securities. The investments of pension funds are strategically structured with long-term investment horizon.