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Green solutions for the small business

Investment loans for purchase, repair and construction of Green assets with preferential prices and collateral conditions.

Green solutions for the small business


  • No limit of the loan amount
  • Independent professional expertise for the effect of investment planning
  • Special discount on interest rate, fees and commissions
  • Special collateral options with guarantee schemes

What can it be Used for?

  • Recycling facilities;
  • Wastewater treatment plants;
  • Solar panels for office/production building roofs;
  • Energy efficient and/or pollution-free heating systems, incl. heat pump systems for heating and air conditioning;
  • Water heating systems with ecological energy - gas boiler, solar energy;
  • Energy efficient installations and repair activities to improve energy efficiency (new windows, insulation of walls, roofs, floors, etc.);


Yes, UniCredit Bulbank offers its clients working capital loans with full financing of VAT on the investment.

No, refinancing of existing loan with similar purpose is not in the scope of the Green initiative.

Using the InnovFin guarantee tool is an option for lending to innovative and R&D-oriented companies. The "Direct Guarantee COSME" is also applicable, which provides an opportunity for financing and lending to start-ups and small and medium enterprises.

Yes, you can. Green investment loans are granted for construction of photovoltaic plant on the basis of a contract with an electricity distribution company. UniCredit Bulbank finances both the purchase of photovoltaic panels and the necessary equipment, e.g. inventory, backup power supply and others. The own photovoltaic power plant is extremely favorable for power supply to consumers who use the energy from the network, mainly during the day and leads to a reduction in electricity costs. These are mainly small and medium-sized industrial buildings with mostly daily consumption.

The market assessment should be updated annually (every year). The insurance should be kept valid for the entire term of the loan.