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Green solutions for the small business

An investment loan for construction of a photovoltaic power station for generation of electricity to meet the needs of the enterprise.

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Green solutions for the small business


  • Preferential pricing
  • Investment term of up to 10 years/120 months
  • The amount of provided funds is up to 90% of the installed capacity /own contribution - at least 10% of the investment amount
  • An option for a grace period of up to 12 months
  • Repayment method (credit installment) - in line with the seasonal nature of revenues from the activity
  • Reduced collateral requirements, an option for guarantee instruments

Who is it suitable for?


Production enterprises or businesses registered in Bulgaria, with significant electricity consumption, looking for optimization of their costs by installing a photovoltaic solar installation for their own use of electricity.


Why a photovoltaic power station?

  • Forecastable costs for electricity
  • A competitive price of the system which justifies the long-term investment (return in 5 to 8 years)
  • Simple construction and long life of the system
  • Consumption flexibility - consumption of the entire generated power or sale of the excess power to an energy distribution company.
  • A single investment with return in the range of 8-20%.


Yes, UniCredit Bulbank AD offers its clients working capital loans for financing of VAT of the investment.

Yes, it is possible to use a guarantee instrument to additionally secure the loan. Please, contact your banker at UniCredit Bulbank or ask us about available guarantee schemes using the contact form.

Yes, it is. Green investment loans are granted for construction of a photovoltaic power station on the grounds of a concluded agreement together with an electricity distribution company.

UniCredit Bulbank AD finances both the purchase of photovoltaic panels and the necessary equipment, e.g. inverter, back-up power supply, etc. A private photovoltaic station is extremely useful for power supply of facilities consuming power from the grid mainly in the day, leading to reduction of energy costs. The consumers are usually small and medium-sized industrial buildings with consumption mainly during the day.