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BG16RFOP002-2.002 "Management Capacity Development and SMEs Growth“

Under Operational Programme "Innovation and Competitiveness" 2014-2020

BG16RFOP002-2.002 "Management Capacity Development and SMEs Growth“


Developing management capacity and growth of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in Bulgaria through out ensuring support for specialized services and promotion of  the use of information and communication technologies and services.

Eligible Applicants

  • Traders within the meaning of the Commerce Act or the Cooperatives Act.Meeting the requirements for micro, small or medium-sized enterprise as per the Small & Medium-sized Enterprises Act .

  • Developing their main economic activity under codes C10 through to C33 (C12 excluded) & from J58 through to J63 & M72 as per Classification of Economic Activities CEA-2008

  • Having a minimum of 3 completed financial years as at the date the procedure was opened (2013, 2014, and 2015.)

  • Having realized minimum size on net income from sales, total for the last 3 /three/ closed financial years depending on the category of enterprise, as follows:

Microenterprise: ≥ BGN 210 000

Small enterprise: ≥ BGN 750 000

Medium-sized enterprise: ≥ BGN 3 000 000

Eligible Activities

  • Implementation and certification of management systems in accordance with the requirements o national/European/international standards.
  • Achieving compliance of products with national/European/international standards
  • Implementation and certification of good manufacturing practices
  • Re-certification of management systems
  • Reengineering the processes in the enterprises
  • Presentation before potential investors and participation in the capital markets in the country and abroad
  • Activities for the development and introduction of ICT-based software for managing business processes in enterprises - incl. resource management (ERP systems), customer service management (CRM Systems); production management (MOM/MES systems); BI (Business Intelligence) or other types of ICT-based systems and applications for managing business processes.
  • Activities for acquiring and implementing ICT-based software for management of the business processes
  • Activities for investments in new equipment and/or specialized software applications contributing to the introduction of ICT-based software for managing business processes in enterprises
  • Activities related to services in the use of software management systems as a service - SAAS (software as a service)
  • Service Activities for servers “co-location”, necessary for the implementation of ICT based software for management of the business processes

Activities aiming at informint he society about the source of project funding.


Amount of the provided grant financial aid

  • Minimum size: BGN 50,000 
  • Maximum size: BGN 391,166 

Asset aquisition costs

Cost of acquisition of fixed tangible assets and specialized software applications representing long-term intangible assets may not exceed BGN 100,000 for each individual project.

Project proposal submission

The submission of the project proposal is done entirely electronically by completing a web based application form and submitting the form and supporting documents through the information system for management and monitoring of EU Structural Instruments in Bulgaria (MIS 2020) , in the "E-application" module.

The project can be submitted only with the use of qualified electronic signature (QES).

Application Deadlines

The deadline for submitting proposals is 17:30 on 15.08.2016