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Special Bank Accounts of Private Enforcement Agent

Bank accounts with special parameters in accordance with the Law on Private Enforcement Agents.

Special Bank Accounts of Private Enforcement Agent

Special account

It is used for cash and/ or non-cash receipt of funds that the private evforcement aigent receives from cashing property of debtors in enforcement proceedings.

Interest account

It is used for charging and paying interest on the funds in the special account. Amounts credited to the Special Account and the interest account are not subject to distraint.

Fees and expenses current account

Used for receiving cash from due fees and expenses which the private enforcement aigent collects under enforcement actions against debtors.

Current account for additional activity and remuneration

Used for receipt of funds in connection with any additional services and renumeration.


Under the conditions of the current Tariff of legal entities and sole traders and the special offer for banking services to private enforcement agents.

Tariffs and General Terms

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