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Real Estate Financing

Loans to finance real estate projects, where the debt service depends entirely on the revenues generated by the project, while the property is taken as collateral.

Each credit facility is structured in accordance with the specifics of the project - objective, expected revenues, time frame,  development phase, strategy for selling or renting.

Sources of income from real estate can be of two types:

  • Sale 
  • Rental

Real Estate Financing


  • The loan is structured depending on the specifics of the project.

Whom is it Suitable for?

  • Local and foreign companies, public and financial institutions that finance large projects in the field of real estate.

  • Usually the borrower is a company registered in order to build or rent the building as more than 50% of its cash flows are from the rental or sale of bank-financed real estate.


The loan is secured by the assets object of funding. It is possible that other assets of the borrower or third parties are taken as additional collateral. All collaterals should be established in favour of the Bank as per the procedure and in the form established by law.

Property insurance of collaterals is required.

Frequently Asked Questions

The market appraisal should be  renewed every year. The insurance must be maintained valid for the entire loan period.

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