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eCommerce is a service for payments with Visa and MasterCard bank cards through Internet, on the website of a company, which provides goods and services. Once the payer has made his choice to purchase, he should enter the requested information and the bank system debits his card account and credits the account of the trader.

The service provides a secure way of payment through the use of the systems "Verified by Visa" of Visa International and "Secure Code" of MasterCard International.

Who is it for?

The service is accessible for cardholders of Visa and MasterCard, issued by Bulgarian and foreign banks, as well as for debit cards Maestro, issued abroad.

How will you benefit?

Key benefit for traders, who accept bank card payments over the Internet, is the access to modern sales and payment channel.

The risk of financial loss due to fraud and disputes on payments is minimized.

Expansion of the geographical scope of the trader’s business is realized, by the offer of services to customers from other countries and furthermore a growth in sales, by increasing customer’s trust and security of payments for the trader.

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