Velizar Dimchev has been handed the special young talents award of UniCredit Bulbank and Stoyan Kambarev Foundation

Velizar Dimchev has been handed the special young talents award of UniCredit Bulbank and Stoyan Kambarev Foundation

The bank will finance his independent exhibition in UniCredit Studio gallery and the issuing of a luxury catalogue.

UniCredit Bulbank’s CEO Levon Hampartzoumian handed the special award of the bank and of Stoyan Kambarev Foundation to the visual artist Velizar Dimchev at an official young talents award ceremony “Flight in Art”.

The award includes an invitation to Velizar Dimchev to realize an own independent project at the modern art gallery UniCredit Studio, as well as issuing of a luxury catalogue of the exhibition.

“Each generation has at least 5% genius and super talented people. Desi Tenekedzhieva and the foundations’ board are managing each year to bring together some of them at the ceremony. We, the people of UniCredit Bulbank, are glad to join the “nonconformists” and support valuable art” said Levon Hampartzoumian upon giving the award to Velizar Dimchev. The latter, on his part, presented to Mr. Hampartzoumian one of his art works – the robot called Franky – with a wish that the bank takes good care of it.

Velizar Dimchev was nominated by the Stoyan Kambarev Foundation for the exhibitions in the gallery U.P.A.R.K., Plovdiv and Fun House The Clock, Sofia Design Week. He received recognition also for his fictional character – the robot Franky, for his unusual portraits of popular people, for his extraordinary creativity and strong personal artistic way of work in a wide spectrum of visual arts - painting, black and white drawing, sculptures, video installations.

The official award ceremony for flight in art “Stoyan Kambarev” took place for a fourth consecutive time on 22 April 2013. The award with the name of the cult theatrical director and founded by Desi Tenekedzhieva got established as the most expected and prestigious award for art, distinguishing young artists in Bulgaria.

Every year the board of the Stoyan Kambarev Foundation nominates five young artists – painters, musicians, actors etc. – for the prize. The prize of the foundation this year went to Stratsimir Pavlov – a phenomenal orchestra conductor, composer, arranger and instrumentalist. He received the award from the mayor of Sofia Yordanka Fandakova along with a cheque worth 3000 lev from UniCredit Bulbank.

To join the event, which distinguishes young talents in art, there came many highly respected and popular talents from various spheres of art and sports. Among them were the actresses Tatyana Lolova and Koina Ruseva, the chairman of the Council for Electronic Media CEM Georgi Lozanov, the writer Lyudmila Filipova, the shooting champion Maria Grozdeva and many others.

At the end of March, an exhibition in UniCredit Studio presented last-year’s winner of the special award of UniCredit Bulbank and the Stoyan Kambarev Foundation, Ognyana Serafimova. Through the exhibition called Machina – Secrets from the Box the young artist unveiled the magic of theatre before a wider audience. Ognyana Serafimova won the award of UniCredit Bulbank after she was nominated for her stage design of the productions A Doll's House and Visiting the Father, directed by Kris Sharkov.

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