UniCredit reasserts its support for start-ups in Bulgaria, the bank will invest in practically-oriented projects

UniCredit reasserts its support for start-ups in Bulgaria, the bank will invest in practically-oriented projects

UniCredit reasserts its support for start-up businesses in Bulgaria, the bank will invest in economically sound, business-oriented projects. This is what Filip Genov, Special Projects Senior Manager with UniCredit Bulbank, announced today at the tech conference "DigitalK".

"We are reasserting our support for start-up businesses in Bulgaria and we are becoming actively involved“, stated Genov. According to him, investing in start-up projects is a lasting trend driven not only by Bulgarian processes, but also by regional and global ones - "New technologies are entering businesses all over the world. Bulgarian enterprises have a huge necessity of innovations and improvement of their efficiency, therefore this business is bound to succeed“.

UniCredit Bulbank will support start-ups offering practical and business-oriented projects. "We remain true to our clients and their needs. We are trying not only to find good projects but to finance those of them which will be useful for our clients and society as a whole", Filip Genov pointed out to the participants in the forum. According to him, the most important factor for a successful business is forming and gathering a team of professionals who will transform a good idea into a real product.

In the discussion on the topic of start-up development Filip Genov was joined by Thomas Grota from Deutsche Telekom, and Min-Sung Sean Kim from XLHealth, Ali Karabey from 212. UniCredit Bulbank is official bank of DigitalK as it follows its consistent policy in support of innovations.

Investments in digitalization and innovations in favor of clients are a strategic focus for UniCredit. More that 1.2 billion euro will be invested by the group in this area for the purpose of facilitating services and enhancing their accessibility and penetration. At the end of last year, UniCredit announced that it will invest approximately 200 million euro in financial start-ups all over the world in partnership with Anthemis Group, a strong international investment company focused on innovations in the financial industry. These strategic investments will transform financial technology companies (fintech) into an opportunity for the group to improve what its offer to clients and to fulfill its plans of a digital evolution.

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