Pepa Koleva, Head of ICT: Our goal is to achieve digitalization without compromising on IT security

Pepa Koleva, Head of ICT: Our goal is to achieve digitalization without compromising on IT security

UniCredit Bulbank upgraded successfully its servers, storage systems and communication infrastructure in order to meet the needs of the increasing number of clients, operations and the larger volumes of databases. In 2015—2016 a series of complex IT projects related to key equipment and network device replacement were carried out without disruption of the system not even for an hour. “Our clients expect a quick service via mobile and online banking and at bank locations too. Our systems and technologies are constantly upgraded so that we can fulfill expectations”, comments Pepa Koleva, Head of ICT Management Department.

Mihail Velchev, System and Network Administration Team Manager and Iliyana Kiprova, ICT Project Associate acquainted IT representatives with their achievements at an IT Manager Club meeting. The implemented state-of-the-art technologies generated intense interest among the IT community.

Currently, UniCredit Bulbank boasts cutting-edge technologies and works with leading companies in the fields of network communications, computer technologies, servers and storage systems. “Thus, we can provide high quality digital services, quick service and excellent connection to bank systems both to our clients and bank functions”, Kiprova comments.

The major implemented projects are replacement of Core LAN switches, headquarters connectivity transformation, Stealtwatch monitoring software upgrade, data warehouse hardware replacement, etc. “Thanks to these projects we optimized a number of software applications bank employees use, improved network reliability and security as well as enabled network recovery in emergency situations”, Pepa Koleva said.  The rapid database increase of UniCredit Bulbank and the necessity to provide a much more powerful storage and processing machine proved to be a serious challenge to the IT team. This necessitated replacement of the existing Oracle Exadata with Data Warehouse platform X6-2, which is much more powerful, has a higher capacity and needs 30% less time to load.

“New Advance analytics and self-service BI tolls have been implemented, which facilitates customer behaviour analysis (advanced campaign management, predictive analysis). BIG DATA technologies have also been used”, Pepa Koleva explained. She added that a huge volume of information is stored in a private hybrid cloud. This ensures reliable access to data and a possibility to restore it in emergency situations. “What we aim at is complete digitalization of the Bank without compromising on IT security”, Pepa Koleva affirms.

Her team believes that leading-edge technologies ensure security because the Bank invests not only in hardware products but also in the best software offered by IT giants on the market. The IT team also believes that state-of-the-art technologies available at the Bank will help to attract young IT specialists to the team.

“Some of our priorities in 2017 are further evolution of our digital platform, modernization of the major bank system and other back office systems, a unified front end, channel development on the omnichannel principle”, Pepa Koleva summed up.

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