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Useful guidance on how to protect from "phishing" attacks


Useful guidance on how to protect from "phishing" attacks

Dear customers,

A fraud attempt for misuse of personal data through sending a false email message to customers of UniCredit Bulbank, was detected.

In case you have received an email from sender opsfqmzAvojdsfejucvmcbol/// or opsfqmzAtvqqpsu///, please do not open the message, any attached files or links they may contain.

The email IS not sent by the bank – it is a fraud attempt for misuse of personal data, the so called “phishing” attack and its purpose is to gather sensitive information for clients.

On such cases, our recommendation is to take the following measures:

- When you log in to the Internet banking, use the link from the corporate website and always make sure whether the page is authentic. Check the address bar color – green and the web page address should have to start with https://.

- The security settings of your browser should have set to the highest level of data protection;

- Do not disclose and do not save on the Internet browser your user name and password;

- Scan your electronic device with licensed antivirus software;

- Make regular updates of the system, use licensed software only;

- Change your email password with a complex one (capitalized and small letters, numbers, symbols, no less than 10 symbols);

- Make the password change regularly, once in every three months, preferably.

In case you have any questions, please contact the bank on 02/9337 333 or short number 15333 from your mobile phone!