UniCredit Studio showed the face of love

UniCredit Studio showed the face of love

The Copy/Paste exhibition was opened at UniCredit Studio. The photography exhibition is by the young photographer Kseniya Margaret and can be seen at the gallery for contemporary art UniCredit Studio.

Copy/Paste is Kseniya's unusual attempt to prove that when two people love each other, they are in symbiosis. Using a mirror, the photographer took photos of 20 couples in love and entwined their images.

The exhibition is part of Month of Photography, which has been supported by UniCredit Studio. 

We have been a partner of Month of Photography for seven years now.  Each exhibition that we show is more exciting than the previous one.  We are particularly happy to host Kseniya’s debut exhibition, because she has a great talent and her works are particularly interesting.  UniCredit Studio’s mission is to support young artists in Bulgaria and their art,” said Giacomo Volpi, Member of the MB and Director of Retail Banking at UniCredit Bulbank, at the opening of the Copy/Paste exhibition.

We will have the change to enjoy 3 debut exhibitions during the last couple of days of Month of Photography. One of them is Copy/Paste by Kseniya Margaret.  The exhibition shows us the “joint face of love” and is worth the visit at the nice UniCredit Studio,” said Yuriy Treyman, leading coordinator of the European Month of Photography.

I am genuinely grateful to Month of Photography and UniCredit Studio for the opportunity to exhibit my photographs. I came up with the idea of Copy/Paste after I noticed that the couples that had been together for a longer period begin to look alike.  And I wondered if we fall in love with people that look like us or if love makes us look like our partner. I still don’t have a clear answer myself, but the exhibition shows the whole that consists of a male half and a female half,” added Kseniya Margaret.

Her project Copy/Paste was launched in January 2018 and over 100 couples that are in love applied. Following a very difficult selection process she picked out 20. Interestingly, no matter how different the individuals are, the mirror helps you realize how similar they look in fact.

You are invited to see the debut exhibition by the young photographer Kseniya Margaret at UniCredit Studio (7 Sveta Nedelya Square, Sofia) until 27 July.

After the opening of the photographic exhibition, the guests of UniCredit Studio enjoyed a DJ party featuring DJ Pascal Junior and DJ Fabrizio Parisi.



The UniCredit Studio Gallery of Contemporary Art was opened in the beginning of 2012, after Bulgaria was selected from more than 20 European countries to host the first UniCredit Studio after the opening of the gallery in Italy. Its mission is to present young Bulgarian and international artists and provide a platform for their contemporary art.

 Since it opened its doors, the gallery has hosted the exhibitions of young and talented Bulgarian artists like Andrey Hambarski, Ivaylo Hristov, Ognyana Serafimova, Velizar Dimchev, Nora Ampova, Radoslav Ninov-Rudi, Yana Lozeva, etc.

In 2016 the gallery hosted the world-famous exhibition Living On A Dollar A Day: The Lives and Faces of the World’s Poor by Renée C. Byer, a photojournalist and Pulitzer prize winner.

The gallery has been a partner of momentous photography events such as Fotofabrika Festival, Month of Photography, etc. Since the beginning of 2017 UniCredit Studio has had a new home located on the renovated ground floor of UniCredit Bulbank in Sveta Nedelya Square in Sofia city center.



The 10th edition of Month of Photography has an open topic. This edition is special due to several anniversaries that are celebrated during the festival:  180 years of photography, 20 years of Academy of Photography and 10 years of Month of Photography. 22 main events in Sofia and another 13 in a total of 10 towns in Bulgaria will take place during the Month of Photography.

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