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UniCredit Bulbank officially launches 2022 Internship Programme


UniCredit Bulbank officially launches 2022 Internship Programme
  • By the end of the year, young professionals will be able to choose an internship in the branch network or the head offices of the financial institution.

In March, UniCredit Bulbank officially launched the 2022 Internship Programme. In the remaining months until the end of the year, students and recent graduates will have the opportunity to gain professional experience and realise their unique potential in practice.

The internship in the financial institution is paid and applicants can choose its duration, working hours and professional development area. The programme is year-round, as the most preferred months for students to gain their first professional experience are those in summer.

More than 200 young professionals have been on an internship in UniCredit teams in Bulgaria in the past year 2021, with approximately 20% of them getting employment with the organisation afterwards. In 2022, the opportunities for choosing an internship are at UniCredit Bulbank as well as UniCredit Leasing, UniCredit Consumer Financing and UniCredit Insurance Broker.

“The benefits of the internship are for both parties. We are happy to share knowledge and expertise with our youngest colleagues and to support them in their career orientation and subsequent professional realisation. On the other hand, we are grateful to them for their shared feedback and insights into how, in their opinion, we could improve. We also believe that one’s potential is unlocked when the environment is best suited for that. From the recent recognition as a Top Employer awarded by the Amsterdam-based Top Employer Institute, we can conclude that we are on the right track in conducting our human management and development programmes," said Andrea Tonietti, Head of Human Resources Department of UniCredit Bulbank.

The professional areas for conducting the 2022 Internship Programme are in the branch network in Sofia and across the country, as well as in the teams of the following departments and units: Retail Banking; Corporate and Investment Banking; Information Technology; Operations; Risk Management; Special Credit; Customer Experience and Insights; Marketing and Advertising; Identity and Communications; Human Resources and the Call Center.

Those who wish to join the Internship programme should fill in the form on UniCredit Bulbank’s webpage.


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