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UniCredit Bulbank is a market leader in corporate banking and corporate social responsibility


UniCredit Bulbank is a market leader in corporate banking and corporate social responsibility
  • The Euromoney ranking recognizes UniCredit Group as a market leader in all European regions where it operates

UniCredit Bulbank is a leader in corporate banking services and corporate social responsibility according to the results of the latest ranking by Euromoney for 2022. The purpose of the survey conducted by the independent financial organization is to distinguish the top financial services providers in over 100 markets.

UniCredit Group received recognition in all nine countries from the four key European regions (Italy, Germany, Central and Eastern Europe). The received awards are in various categories - from Corporate Social Responsibility to Digital Solutions. This recognition is a yet another proof of the importance of the Group for Europe and of its commitment to all markets where it is operating.

“We are proud of these accomplishments, because they are the result of the hard work of the bank to offer the best services to its customers in Europe. We keep investing in research, in order to develop innovative solutions for individual and corporate clients: digitalization and our ESG commitment are key factors for our services. This makes it possible for us to provide the highest quality to our stakeholders and to create sustainable future for our clients, communities and team,” shared Andrea Orcel, Chief Executive Officer of UniCredit.

“We are happy to be distinguished in the Corporate Banking and Corporate Social Responsibility categories. The entire team of UniCredit Bulbank finds it essential to provide growth opportunities both to our clients and to the entire community, and to achieve success together, with specific activities in favor of the vulnerable,” commented Tsvetanka Mincheva, Chief Executive Officer of UniCredit Bulbank.

The Market Leaders category compliments the world famous programs for Euromoney awards, in order to provide a comprehensive global ranking of banking and finance brands across a number of segments on national level.  Every year, in order to determine the best brand in the sector, Euromoney Market leaders rankings evaluate data provided by banks, peer feedback, editorial expertise and independent research.

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