The Uni Credit Foundation Turns Ten Years Old

• The Corporate Foundation of the Leading European Banking Group is deeply engaged in projects in Bulgaria, as well, supporting various social causes;

• The donations made by the UniCredit Foundation for significant social causes in Bulgaria approximate 800 000 Bulgarian lev and over 31 million Bulgarian lev has been donated by the Foundation for the last ten years for charity projects in Europe and Africa;

• In the next three years the Foundation and UniCredit Bulbank will support the Social Entrepreneurship Programme of the Bulgarian Centre for Not-For-Profit Law.

The UniCredit foundation took stock of its first ten years of activity. Funded by the leading European Banking Group and in collaboration with local non-profit entities, the Foundation designs, implements and controls development interventions in the 20 different countries in which UniCredit is present. In ten years of work the Foundation has supported more than 330 projects and initiatives making for a total of around 85 million euros.

In Bulgaria for the ten years of its work the UniCredit Foundation supported charity projects approximating 800 thousand Bulgarian lev.

Among the most significant initiatives, the realization of which was 100% financed by the UniCredit Foundation is the project for building Centers for Home Care for Elderly People in Dobrich and Smolyan which for two years provided nourishment and qualified medical care for people who have been left alone as a result of the migration of their relatives. This year the two-year joint project with Tulip Foundation, aimed at preventing children from being left in social institutions was finalized. The project “Trust in the Family”, which was realized in the towns of Haskovo, Svilengrad, Lyubimets, Stambolovo, Harmanli and Plovdiv, has already helped a great number of families stay together. Traditionally the UniCredit Foundation together with UniCredit Bulbank’s employees also makes donations for ongoing projects, such as the “Warm Lunch” Programme, the Fund for the Victims of Traffic Accidents, Scholarships for orphans, etc.

In the next three years the UniCredit Foundation and UniCredit Bulbank are to be among the major partners of the Social Entrepreneurship Programme, organized by the Bulgarian Centre for Not-For-Profit Law.

The UniCredit Foundation is the corporate foundation established in 2003 with the primary objective to disseminate the culture of non-profit and volunteer work through the realization of important initiatives to the benefit of the local communities.

“The balance of ten years of work is certainly a matter of pride for the whole Group. Given the difficult period being experienced by many of the countries in which we work, we feel very responsible towards the weaker segments of society. Our challenge will be to ensure that the addressees of our projects do not lose hope in the future, helping them to achieve initiatives that are economically sustainable over time. Our ambition, however, in addition to acting in various contexts according to our available resources, is also to make repeatable intervention models available to other public and private subjects, with a view to maximizing the social utility of our experience”, Maurizio Carrara, Chairman of the UniCredit Foundation declared.

Carrara underlined the contribution of UniCredit employees for the realization of the Foundation’s objectives: “We have always been able to and can continue to rely not only on the constant commitment and involvement of our employees, but also on their creative contribution, which has proved to be very helpful over these last ten years in creating innovative welfare models”.

The UniCredit Foundation

The UniCredit Foundation is the corporate foundation established in 2003 with the aim of helping ensure the development of solidarity and philanthropy in the communities and territories in which it works and, as a priority, in the geographic areas in which UniCredit is present (20 countries in Europe and Central Asia). Through the transfer of economic resources and managerial skills typical of the company, the UniCredit Foundation supports significant projects in terms of their social impact and innovation, developed by local non-profit organizations.

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