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Boryana Savova explores the beauty and unconquerable freedom of nature in the Spring Wind exhibition


Boryana Savova explores the beauty and unconquerable freedom of nature in the Spring Wind exhibition

UniCredit Studio presents the Spring Wind exhibition by talented artist Boryana Savova, which can be seen until 7 April in the Art Space of UniCredit Bulbank.

Boryana says, "With the Spring Wind exhibition I explore the beauty and unconquerable freedom of nature. As an artist, my intention is to use the smooth yet intricate shapes depicted in the paintings to hint not only at the fluidity of the wind but also at its turbulence. With the arrival of the rain cloud, a distinctive feature of spring winds, I hint at the new beginning that the rain brings with it. And meanwhile, with the ink drawings, I present imaginary blooming flowers."

With her paintings, the artist strives to express her point of view as a woman, visualizing her deep love and admiration for nature.

The artist adds "With these paintings, I want to celebrate new beginning and encourage us to slow down our busy everyday lives, connect with the world around us and appreciate the simple things. From the gentle swaying of flowers in the wind to the soaring of returning birds, March symbolizes the rebirth of nature and the return of life".

The presentation of the Spring Wind exhibition in March is no coincidence. The choice of the month is linked to International Women’s Day and conveys the message of the author and the financial organization about the power and diversity of women who, in a fair and equal world, can unleash and realize their full potential.


Spring Wind can be seen from 07.03. to 07.04. between 10 a.m. – 6 p.m., at the UniCredit Studio on 7, Sveta Nedelya Sq. Every weekday. The access to the gallery is free.

About Boryana Savova:

The talented artist graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Graphics from the National Academy of Arts in 2021. She focuses on printmaking using the techniques of linocut, drypoint and monotype, as well as Digital Graphics, in which she experiments with different types of algorithms for shifting pixels in an image and techniques for creating glitches.

Additional media information:

Darina Radoslavova, tel +359 887 505273, Ebsjob/SbeptmbwpwbAVojDsfejuHspvq/CH

Ekaterina Ancheva, tel +359 894 518 193 , flbufsjob/bodifwbAvojdsfejuhspvq/ch