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Losing and Finding – Boryana Savova presents a solo exhibition at UniCredit Studio


Losing and Finding – Boryana Savova presents a solo exhibition at UniCredit Studio

UniCredit Studio presents the exhibition “Losing and Finding” by the talented artist Boryana Savova. The exhibition traces the life cycle of an idea:  when it remains itself, when it is completely lost or finds a new meaning.  The means of expression in Boryana's work is transformation – an attempt to change the prototype through various techniques – from glitch algorithms to stitching up.  Not only the works but also their reflections take part in this process.  Not only the viewer, but also their reflection. 

Boryana Savova is a guest artist at UniCredit Studio for the second time.  The young artist won the first prize in "Painting" in the competition "History is in our hearts, the future – in our hands" on the occasion of the 20-year anniversary of UniCredit in Bulgaria, organized in partnership with the National Academy of Arts in 2020, with her graphic work “Giving freedom”.

The exhibition can be viewed in UniCredit Studio Gallery of Contemporary Art on  7 Sveta Nedelya Sq., every working day between 10:00h. and 18:00h. from 28 September until 29 October.

About Boryana Savova:

She graduated with a Bachelor's degree in Graphics from the National Academy of Arts in 2021.  Her work includes printed graphics with the techniques of linocut, drypoint and monotype, as well as digital graphics, in which she experiments with various types of algorithms for moving pixels in the image and techniques for creating glitches.



UniCredit Studio Gallery of Contemporary Art was opened in the beginning of 2012, after Bulgaria was selected from more than 20 European countries to host the first UniCredit Studio after the opening of the gallery in Italy. Its mission is to present young Bulgarian and international artists and provide a platform for their contemporary art.

Since it opened its doors, the gallery has hosted the exhibitions of young and talented Bulgarian artists such as Andrey Hambarski, Ivaylo Hristov, Ognyana Serafimova, Velizar Dimchev, Nora Ampova, Radoslav Ninov-Rudi, Yana Lozeva, Maria Nalbantova, etc.

In 2016, the gallery hosted the world-famous exhibition Living On A Dollar A Day: The Lives and Faces of the World’s Poor by Renée C. Byer, a photojournalist and a Pulitzer prize winner.

More about UniCredit Studio and past exhibitions, you can view here.

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