Investment Day II of UniCredit Bulbank in partnership with Pioneer Investments and Allianz Bulgaria

Investment Day II of UniCredit Bulbank in partnership with Pioneer Investments and Allianz Bulgaria

The second Investment Day organized by UniCredit Bulbank in partnership with Pioneer Investments and Allianz Bulgaria answered the following questions: Why is it important for me to manage my savings and how do they work for me? In what ways is my tomorrow dependent on my decisions today?  and What are the global trends in investing?

The Investment Day was opened by the Chair of the Management Board and Chief Executive Officer of UniCredit Bulbank Levon Hampartzoumian.

We shouldn't be better than our customers and that is why we organized this second Investment Day. Its goal is help customers get better in the management of their funds”, said the banker.

Afterwards, Tsvetanka Mintcheva, Director of Retail Banking Division and Member of the Management Board of UniCredit Bulbank, joined the discussion.

Bulgarians love saving, this is part of our national culture.  That is why it is important to be familiar with various and diverse ways of saving and investing,” explained Tsvetanka Mintcheva.

She constructed a profile of an average consumer of direct investments and savings plans:  in most of the cases they are men from the big towns, between 35 and 44 years old, with a salary of BGN 700 - 1,000. 

This proves that the statement that you need high income in order to invest is a myth”, explained the Director of Retail Banking. 

In relation to this UniCredit Bulbank carried out an in-depth survey among its customers via interviews asking them the following:  What is preventing you from investing?

Results showed that the most common reservations of the customers are the following:

These products are mainly for legal entities

Large amounts of money are needed in order to invest

There is a risk of losing the savings

A long period of the investment

Tsvetanka Mintcheva dispelled these fears completely by showing that according to information of the bank, the average duration of a deposit is 7 years and the deposited amount is BGN 4,000. 

This amount is suitable for an investment of our money in various products.  It is extremely important to diversify the savings that we want to invest.  We can invest EUR 20 only, the idea is for us to know what we want to achieve and tell the experts we work with about it or ask them for advice”, explained the Director of Retail Banking. 

After that the Executive Director of Allianz Bulgaria Holding Dimitar Zhelev made a forecast about what to expect from the investment markets this year. 

Despite the unexpected geopolitical events, this year we can expect: a slow increase of the global economy rate of growth; limitation of the expansionary monetary policy in Europe and Asia; restrictive monetary measures with expectations for fiscal support for the consumption and business in the USA and a main role for overcoming the existing geopolitical risks and their impact on the markets”, explained Dimitar Zhelev.

Further information was provided by Sofia Hristova, member of the Investment Committee of Allianz Bulgaria Holding and Executive Director of Pension Company Allianz Bulgaria.

She advised us to start investing at an earlier stage so that we can take a maximum advantage of the factor of time.

During the second part of the Investment Day II Conference, Petr Šimčák, Head of Sales, Pioneer Asset Management and Yavor Achev, Manager for Bulgaria, Pioneer Investments gave away the formula for success of  the good investment:

FI = R x(r + e2)t – S


R - rationality = diversification and life Insurance; inspiration from the richest

E - emotions = a little fear is helpful.  Panic is harmful. Investing can be fun.

T - time = lost time can never be recovered.  Complex activities should only be in the long-term plan.                            

R - responsibility = regular investments of 10-20% of the income can result in passive income long before retirement.

S - speculation = Speculation is a game with zero results.  A lot of people lose income.

There are three key things that are important for investing: To improve our financial culture, to chose the right partners and to begin as early as possible”, closed the discussion on the topic Enrico Minniti, General Manager and Deputy Chair of the Management Board of UniCredit Bulbank

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