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IMPORTANT!!! information about cardholders and online banking clients - fishing attempt


Dear Clients,

If you have received an electronic message informing you about a blocked session in the Bulbank Online System and asking you to follow the link in the letter in order to avoid the permanent suspension of the account and blocking of the account, please be informed that such a message is not sent by the Bank and you must not follow the links contained in the letter.

Please do not follow the link and absolutely do not enter your user name and password. If possibly you have entered your user name and password, we advise you to enter the site of Bulbank ONLINE and immediately to change your password.

If you have provided the number of your credit card and PIN (which is also requested in the e-mail), immediately block your card via the Call Center 0700 1 84 84 or contact your servicing employee of the bank.

All clients of the Bank will receive the necessary assistance!

We thank all who informed us about the malicious actions.

Please be informed that all the necessary measures have been taken and the funds of the clients of UniCredit Bulbank are protected.

What to do if we suspect attempted phishing:

• You can always check the truthfulness of the message sent by the Bank by calling your servicing banker or the bank employees in the Call center at the telephone numbers provided on the official site.

• Never follow the links included in such letters.

• Inform the bank or the online merchant.

• Delete such letters.

• Immediately change the passwords or the codes from the true site if by mistake you have entered confidential information on the fraudulent page.

• Immediately inform the bank or the merchant about what has happened and follow the instructions.

• Inform all affected parties about the theft of the data.

• Place a warning for attention for frauds on your credit reports.

• If you are not sure how to do it ask the bank or your financial adviser.

• Do not reply or forward such mail, delete it immediately.