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Important: A "phishing" attack attempt


Important: A "phishing" attack attempt

Dear customers,

A fraud attempt for misuse of personal data through sending e false message to customers of UniCredit Bulbank, was detected earlier today.

In case you have received sms from sender BULBANK, containing link, please do not open the message and the link. The sms IS NOT SENT by the bank and its purpose is to gather sensitive information for clients, leading to a webpage where visitors are asked to fill in username and password for online banking, insert bank cards data, etc.

Please, do not follow the link and do not insert any username and password, or other personal data. The message is a fraudulent attempt for “phishing” attack.

In case you have any questions, please contact our Call Center on 0700 1 84 84.

Additional information for clients:

UniCredit Bulbank, Call center

phone: 0700 1 84 84