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European Money Mule Information Campaign


Chief Directorate "Combating Organized Crime" and the Prosecutor's Office are joining the fight against cyber frauds

A money mule is a person who serves as an intermediary in the transferring of illegally obtained money from one account to another and receives a commission in return for his/her activity. Since this is a cross-border activity, an European Information Campaign on the topic was launched and it is realized in Bulgaria in collaboration with the Chief Directorate "Combating Organized Crime" and the Prosecutor's Office. UniCredit Bulbank supports the campaign by informing its clients of the threat.

Who is under threat of becoming a money mule

Anyone can receive an offer from cyber criminals to become a money mule. The most targeted individuals are the unemployed, students and people with a temporary resident status.

Where do the criminals recruit money mules

Most frequently, they approach them directly or via e-mail; with job advertisements which seem professionally written, but eventually it becomes clear that they refer to illegal activity; through on-line posts and social networks (usually in closed groups).


Money mules' operations are illegal. According to the Criminal Code, they assist the cyber criminals in money and data theft with their actions, and become accessories to money laundering operations (Article 253).

In order to protect ourselves from similar proposals, we should be very cautious when applying for positions that promise an easy and profitable job, without requiring qualification or work experience. Before we apply, we should carefully study the job advertisements from foreign companies recruiting local agents.

If you suspect that you have been misled into becoming a money mule or you are victim to one, inform your bank and the authorities immediately.


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