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Euromoney announced UniCredit Bulbank as the bank providing the best private banking in the country


Euromoney announced UniCredit Bulbank as the bank providing the best private banking in the country

Euromoney’s team announced the best banks in private banking globally in their private banking and wealth management survey. UniCredit Bulbank won the Best Bank for Private Banking 2023 award in the High Net Asset Value category.

“We are grateful to Euromoney’s team for the high recognition. As a Bank, we constantly strive to meet and exceed our customers' expectations. We are well aware that in order to be successful, we must be able to adapt quickly. We must be a reliable partner for our clients, providing them with the best-in-class financial services on a global scale through the professionalism of our private banking team”, commented Borislav Genov, Director of Retail Banking Division and member of the Management Board of UniCredit Bulbank.

In Private Banking, the strategic focus of UniCredit Bulbank is to always have a good understanding of the needs of its clients, to offer banking services, products and financial solutions tailored to each client, giving them more freedom to manage their finances and assets. In recent years, one of the key priorities of the Bank has been the provision of more and more opportunities for sustainable solutions. As a Bank with a rich portfolio of green loans in the country, at UniCredit Bulbank, we follow two principles: first, lead by example, via implementing our own environmental, social and governance strategy as part of the financial institution’s business strategy and, second, develop the tools and products to enhance the transition of our clients.

The winning institutions, distinguished as such by Euromoney, are recognized on three levels: global, regional and national. An internal group of Euromoney analysts and editors selects the winners at national level using a multi-criteria weighted scoring system. The evaluation method was based on four entry questions which were mapped by the research team for examples of improvement, achievement and impact during the review period. The regional and global criterion are evaluated by an external panel, consisting of private banking experts with many years of experience. The panel’s independent evaluation and the feedback from the market competitors, along with the information provided by Euromoney’s editorial team determine the regional and the global winners.

This year, the publication builds on its experience to date and launches its first private banking awards. With this new evaluation programme, the team performs a more in-depth study of the industry, due to the goal to distinguish institutional accomplishments in all aspects of the business. The criterion include high and ultra high net asset value, family business services, asset inheritance and hereditary asset management planning, digital services, portfolio management and ESG investment.

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