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Andrea Orcel announced the new Strategic plan - UniCredit Unlocked


Andrea Orcel announced the new Strategic plan - UniCredit Unlocked

Dear Clients,

Yesterday I had the privilege of announcing UniCredit Unlocked, UniCredit’s Strategic plan for the next three years, where I set out our plans for the future of our bank. We are transforming what it means to be part of UniCredit, and I am excited by the pace of change and what we have achieved so far in this journey.

I spoke about my belief that UniCredit has everything it needs to be the bank for Europe’s future. This is true for many reasons to do with the strength of our bank, but it is mainly true because of you: our clients, the people we exist to serve.

Everything I outlined was focused on ensuring that we are giving you the best possible experience, the most innovative products, the best service and advice when you bank with us.

We are investing in our front line so that your local team, the people who know you best, can spend more time with you, better understand your needs and make the decisions that will help them support you and serve you better.

We are also continuing with our commitment to delayer and remove the unnecessary bureaucracy that I know impedes your day-to-day banking.

Our people will be empowered, within a framework, to make decisions quickly and effectively for you. We will re-instil in them a passion and hunger to go beyond what is expected in support of you and your ambitions and we are giving the tools to meet that ambition.  

Our newly stated purpose: Empowering Communities to Progress, is central to this. And it starts with you. With us helping you to achieve your goals, fulfil your potential, and be all you want to be.

Central to us delivering much of this will be the transformation of our digital capabilities. The enhancement of our technology will improve each and every interaction you have with your bank, making it simpler, safer, and more efficient for you. 

We are also thinking in more detail about the way we do business, and about what you want to see from your bank. I have always believed that sustainability is not an add-on; it is a fundamental way of operating.

That’s why we remain focused on taking measurable, tangible action in this space. To pick just two examples, we have reduced our greenhouse gas emissions by 60% since 2008, and yesterday I committed €100m to close the gender pay gap over the next three years, ensuring equal pay for equal jobs.

I hope this, alongside great client service, is the kind of thing you want to see from your bank. It’s certainly what I want to see happening in Europe. 

We exist because of you, you are at the centre of decisions that we take and the commitments we make. I ask that you remember this, and that you give us feedback and guidance where it will help us to be better. Rest assured we are doing all in our power to be the bank for your future.  

I thank you for the trust and patience that you have placed in UniCredit in recent years. I look forward to what is to come for our bank, and for you all.



Andrea Orcel

Chief Executive Officer

UniCredit S.p.A.