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Import Letter of Credit

An irrevocable undertaking of the Issuing Bank, issued upon request of a local buyer – the Applicant, to effect payment in favor of a (foreign) seller - the Beneficiary, against presentation by the Beneficiary of complying documents, required by the Letter of Credit within the specified time limits.

Import Letter of Credit


  • Security that UCB will pay the seller only if the documents comply with LC requirements
  • Certainty that the goods will be shipped on time and in accordance with the agreed conditions
  • Expert advice at all stages of the transaction from a dedicated team of professionals

Whom is it Suitable for?

  • Customers importing or buying various kind of products
  • Buyers that need a documentary evidence of the shipment of goods, according to negotiated quality and quantity specifications

How to Apply for the Service?

Please contact our Trade Finance Advisory team to discuss the deal and get the following documents:

  • Framework Agreement for issuance of Documentary letters of credit
  • Application for issuance of a letter of credit (on paper or by electronic channel)

Frequently Asked Questions

Payments under L/Cs are conditioned by documents evidencing the proper performance of the seller as per the terms and conditions stipulated in the Letter of Credit.

Documents will be presented only after obtaining consent of the acceptance by the Applicant.

Please contact our Trade Finance Advisory Unit.

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