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Leasing is a convenient way to finance assets needed for you or your business. It is a contractual agreement in which one party owns an asset (the lessor) grants the right to use that asset to another party (the lessee) for a certain period and specific scheme of payment. After expiry of the term of the lease agreement, the lessee may become the owner of the asset.

Opportunities for asset financing for home and business from

UniCredit Leasing


What Assets You Can Purchase at Lease?

  • Vehicles Cars, trucks and buses
  • Equipment Industrial and specialized equipment, materials handling projects in the field of renewable energy sources
  • Agricultural machinery Agricultural machinery, harvester combains, tractors, seeders, mowers, plows and other
  • Construction equipment Diggers and excavators, road construction machinery, bulldozers, machines for concrete,  flooring, cutting and many others
  • Real Estate Buildings for commercial purposes, office or industrial buildings, logistics centers, multi-storey car parks and other

What are the Most Popular Types of Leasing?

Form of financing in which the client uses in return of remuneration a certain fixed asset and after expiry of the leasing period customer can acquire the property. Finance leases may be:

  • Open-ended - with an option to acquire the asset at the end of the lease        
  • Closed end - with mandatory transfer of the ownership at the end of the lease, with or without a rescheduling of VAT

Type of financing contract  where the client uses the car (the asset) against payment of monthly rental installments for the leasing period. After the expiry of the leasing term the customer returns the vehicle to the lessor.

Type of leasing product, where  along with  new vehicle purchase financing, the lessor provides to the customer a comprehensive range of services related to client’s car or vehicle fleet maintenance and management. 

About UniCredit Leasing

UniCredit Leasing, part of UniCredit Group, is the European leader in the financial market, with constant place at the top of the rankings in the area and representation in 19 countries.

UniCredit Leasing is the only leasing company in Bulgaria with a working portfolio model where each client has a personal manager to whom he can turn for advice and assistance.