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SMS Notification

You receive information about the country or foreign country payments, withdrawals and balances on your bank card via SMS. We recommend the service as a protective element for all cardholders actively using their bank cards.

  • Assurance that the payments are successful
  • Maximum protection of abuse upon payment by card
  • Information about the current balance on the card directly on your mobile phone

SMS Notification


SMS notification is available for all holders of debit and credit cards of the bank with the logo of Maestro, VISA, VISA Electron, VPAY and MasterCard.

The service is available for operating on the territory of Bulgaria mobile operators. Clients receive in a convenient and affordable way information about transactions and account balance.

Transactions performed


You receive a message on your mobile phone within 10 minutes after the transaction with bank card has been made. 
Message contains information about:

  • Type of card
  • Date and time of the transaction
  • Amount and currency of the transaction
  • Commercial outlets on which was carried out
  • Information on whether the transaction is or is not successful

Balance on the account


Check the card balance by sending a message with text Latin letter N and personal code to a short number:

  • 190091 subscribers of the Mtel
  • 1618 subscribers by Telenor and Vivacom

When establishing abuse, the service allows immediately to block the bank card by calling the 24-hour card center of the bank and suspending the possibility of fraudulent transactions.

Fees and Conditions

SMS notification service is offered on a subscription chosen by the customer and a fixed annual fee according to Tariff of the bank.

Parameter Value
Annual subscription BGN 5, regardless of the number of included cards
Subscription deposit 5, 10, 20 or 50 BGN
Fee for SMS notification, related to operation with a bank card BGN 0,15, deducted automatically from the selected subscription deposit
Fee for SMS notification for available balance in cards by a personal code For the price of the respective mobile operator of the client
(outside the subscription deposit)

Received SMS notification when checking for available balance

No fee

When reducing the amount below 10% of the deposit amount, the operator informs the customer by SMS message about the need for renewal of the deposit. Deposit renewal is automatic.

The main cardholder may designate only one of the registered cards, which will be paid the annual fee and will be renewed the deposit amount for notifications.

Service Activation

The service is activated after successful registration, automatically collected annual fee and successfully collected subscription deposit.

At the announced by the customer mobile number is send SMS message with personal code.

When next you use the card registered in the service, the customer will receive an SMS notification.

On the phone

0700 1 84 84 at the price of a city call
1 84 84 for local mobile operators

Bank branch

When visiting a bank office and filling in Application for subscription.