UniCredit and Allianz sign a partnership agreement for Bulgaria

UniCredit and Allianz sign a partnership agreement for Bulgaria

The contract between the two leading companies in the sector will bring multitude of benefits to customers.

UniCredit Bulbank and Allianz Bulgaria has officially started their partnership, though which the bank will exclusively offer the products of the insurance company. Since the beginning of the October, UniCredit’s clients can find a wide range of Allianz products in the branches of UniCredit Bulbank, including Life and Non-Life insurance products, to complement the financial offers of the Bank.

The implementation in Bulgaria is part the wider agreement between UniCredit and Allianz in Central Eastern Europe which, as announced at the beginning of June,  will combine the strong banking franchise of UniCredit with Allianz’s Insurance expertise.

“The partnership with Allianz is a natural continuation of the way we have worked for years. I am confident that this agreement will further add to the successful practice that we have built during the years – to offer to clients the best services and products at favorable conditions” commented Levon Hampartzoumian CEO of UniCredit Bulbank.

“We are happy for the opportunity to exclusively offer our products through the extensive branch network of UniCredit Bulbank. We believe that this is the way for these products to reach more customers” said Alexander Protsenko, Chairman of the Executive committee of Allianz Bulgaria holding.

“When two leading companies work together for their clients, it brings these clients more benefits and this partnership will enhance our offering by delivering a full range of insurance products as well as outstanding services to our individual and small business clients” added Enrico Minniti, General Manager of UniCredit Bulbank . 

 “With the committed attitude we see on behalf of UniCredit Bulbank and on our behalf, I am sure that our partnership will be successful and will bring us improvement in the financial and insurance culture of our customers” said Pavlin Petkov, CFO of Allianz Bulgaria holding.

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