UniCredit Bulbank is decreasing the price of online payments by up to 50%

UniCredit Bulbank is decreasing the price of online payments by up to 50%

From February 1st UniCredit Bulbank is introducing new, up to 50% lower fees for transfers via electronic channels - Bulbank Online and Bulbank Mobile, so that the price of transactions decreases up to three times, if they are performed via the bank's digital channels. 

The fees for internal transfers fall by around 50% and those for orders from UniCredit Bulbank to other banks fall by 30%. 

The customers of UniCredit Bulbank are already positive about the convenience of online payments. The fact that the users of UniCredit Bulbank mobile banking increased by almost 150% in 2016 proves this. In 2017 this growth is expected to double.  

Analysis of the "Retail Banking" at UniCredit Bulbank shows that last year the transactions in Bulbank online rose by 14% compared to the previous. Even more impressive is the number of transactions through mobile banking to the bank, where the growth was 72%.

 "The convenience of digital payments is irrefutable and indisputable; they are faster, more convenient, less time- and funds-consuming for the consumers.  Customers recognize them as an advantage.  In response to the customers' expectations we reduce their prices and as a result they become 3 times cheaper than the traditional way of performing operations on paper.  Meanwhile, we are working hard on the digitalization of other bank products and services as well, in order to make them easily available for every one of our customers," explained Krum Aleksiev, Head of Marketing and Segments Department.

More on Bulbank Online and Bulbank Mobile:
The most convenient and profitable for customers is to use both -  online banking and mobile. Each of the services has advantages. Internet banking for example, allows customers to transfer larger sums. Access to internet banking you can get from your personal banker.

Mobile banking benefit is that you can use it from anywhere in the world with Internet access, and to be more comfortable now with a higher limit on transfers.

Mobile banking can be downloaded from the website of the bank and get the activation code from the call center of the bank or your personal banker.

UniCredit Bulbank removes fee for closing the account of an individual. Many customers have more than one bank account, but do not use them all. The closure of some unused bank accounts saves money because it no longer charges fees for them.

An important priority for UniCredit Bulbank is the integration of new technologies in customer daily needs. The goal is simple and accessible banking services to every client.
The reduced prices of electrons payments are part of this priority to the Bank to make banking possible for everyone.


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