Announcement for upcoming changes in Tarrif for Legal entities and Sole traders - 01.10.2020

  • 07/31/2020
  • in force of 10/01/2020
  • Tariff

Announcement for upcoming changes in Tarrif for Legal entities and Sole traders - 01.10.2020

Dear Clients,

We hereby inform you that as of 01.10.2020 UniCredit Bulbank AD shall change the Tariff for the Fees and Commissions for Legal Entities and Sole Traders as follows:

1. In section І. Accounts, will be change of the fee for balance keeping fee on bank accounts

2. In section І. Accounts, introduction of new fee

3. In section VІІ. Cards, Appendixs № 36, 37.1, 37.2, 37.3, 41, introduction of new fee

4. In section Х. Miscellaneous, removal of art. 68. Buldirect

Apart from the texts concerning the tariff there are changes aiming to achieve greater clarity and transparency without this resulting in a change of the amount or fee arrangements:

1. In section VІІ. Cards, Notes added a new note, as follow:

The amount of the commission on cash deposits is calculated on the total amount of the cash transactions within the working day for each card separately. For the amount of exceed of the daily limit a commission is collected. Transactions processed on holidays are booked with the next first working day value date as weel as the recalculated commissions.

By giving this notification the Bank fulfills its obligation as a payment service provider pursuant to art. 62 of the Law on Payment Services and Payment Systems to notify its clients (payment service users) within two months of any changes in the framework agreement between them. Payment service users are hereby notified as follows: The Bank considers that payment service users have accepted the changes in the framework agreement unless the they notify the Bank of their refusal to accept the changes before the date on which the changes come into force. If payment service users do not accept the changes, the Bank shall inform them about their right to terminate the framework agreement and the supporting agreements immediately before the date on which it is proposed that the changes take effect without their being liable for any costs and compensations.