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E-book: "Working from home: how to succeed?"

In recent months, we have been protagonists in a time of unprecedented change. The transformation affected the way we live, work and communicate. That's why we have prepared this e-book with practical advice for business people.

E-book: "Working from home: how to succeed?"

You are the lead character in a time of unprecedented change.

If you work from home or do business with people who do it - the e-book "Working from home: how to succeed?" is for you.

In this e-book, we've put together the most effective tips in a nutshell to help you be more confident, productive, and satisfied with the opportunity to work from home.

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Learn more about:

  • How to be a useful member of the team - from home?
  • Practical guidelines for managers of remote teams.

  • How to achieve a balance "work from home - personal life"?

  • Effective remote communications in teams

  • What are the tips of astronauts for remote work?

  • 21 methods for higher productivity - from home or office

The book "Working from Home: How to Succeed?" was written and edited from home. It is part of FinKultura - an innovative educational project of the Social Impact Banking initiative of UniCredit Bulbank.

We believe that the more people are informed and constantly learn how to better manage their money and business, the more enterprising, successful and satisfied they will be. Physical training is for health. FinCulture - for healthy finances.

We hope we are useful to you.

Download the e-book