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Questions and answers

Questions and answers

The insurance broker offers a choice of many insurance companies and a large selection of insurance products to which the end customer has direct access and basis for comparison, notifying the client of the impending maturity of the insurance premium or expiration of the insurance contract. Thus, the insured does not need to monitor upcoming payments of contributions or the expiration of insurance policies.

In case of assistance in case of an insured event, the insurance broker will advise the client on the necessary actions to file a claim, organize an inspection, collect the evidence required by the insurer, including assisting him to challenge insufficient and reduced damages.

The various insurance products cover many and different risks depending on the coverage sought by the client. To correctly determine the needs and a specific insurance product, you can contact us through the contact form on each of the product pages.

The insurance broker is a commercial company or sole trader who, for remuneration on assignment by a user of insurance services, performs insurance intermediation.

The delivery of the insurance policy to the address specified by you is completely free of charge for the whole country.

The Assignment Contract does not create any obligations for you. It is your written consent for the insurance broker to conclude and service the insurance products of your choice and is mandatory under the Insurance Code.

The Assignment Contract is written document required by the law which the client instructs the insurance broker to represent him before the insurance companies, to request offers, to assist in an insurance event and to protect the interests of the insured. The contract is signed for all voluntary insurances.

Yes. Anyone can take out insurance on a car or property that is not their property.

The price of the Civil Liability Insurance depends both on the technical parameters of the insured car (type of vehicle, engine capacity, year of manufacture, number of seats) and on the settlement, according to the permanent address of the owner of the vehicle by coupon. The age of the driver is also decisive for the price.

The Civil Liability Insurance covers the liability of the owners, holders, users and authorized drivers of motor vehicles within certain limits for non-property and property damages caused by them to third parties related to the possession and use of motor vehicles, for which the insured are liable under Bulgarian law. The driver is not considered a third party.

The Green Card is an integral part of Civil Liability. It is issued until the term for which the insurance premium is paid. That is, if your insurance is rescheduled in 2 installments, you will receive a Green Card valid until the first installment, and after paying the second installment, you will receive a new Green Card with the new validity period.

Yes, the policy may be issued in English, accompanied by the applicable General Terms and Conditions in English.

The insurance premium or the price of the insurance is determined by the respective insurer and depends on the type of property, its assessment and condition, the sum insured, the risk circumstances, the chosen coverage and the term of the insurance.

According to Art. 400. para. 1 of the Insurance Code, an actual insurance value is considered the value against which instead of the insured property can be bought another of the same type and quality. Unless otherwise agreed, it is assumed that the sum insured under the contract is determined according to the actual value of the property. To establish the actual value, the insurer has the right to inspect the insured property.

According to Art. 400. para. 2 of the Insurance Code, a recovery insurance value is considered the value for restoration of property with a new one of the same type and quality, including all inherent costs of delivery, construction, installation and others, without applying impairment.

  • The insurance coverage comes into force at 00:01 on the date specified as the starting date in the insurance contract.
  • The insurance coverage is valid for the period for which the respective premium/installment has been paid and according to the term of the insurance contract.
  • The insurance coverage ends at 23:59 on the date specified as the end date in the insurance contract.

There is no restriction on concluding different types of insurance. When the policies are concluded in one company, additional discounts apply.

The Insurer is obliged to rule on a claim for insurance, which is not insurance of high risks, within 15 days from the submission of all evidence, information and documents required of him in connection with determining the basis and amount for payment of insurance compensation.

No, when performing insurance mediation, the remuneration of the insurance broker is included in the insurance premium and is due by the insurer.

Insurers' premiums are determined as a percentage of the sum insured of the insured property.

If you want to change the insurance contract, you need to inform us, and we will assist the insurer about the necessary changes, which will be reflected in the Annex to the policy.

The Insurer is obliged to notify the Insurer of any change in his/her name, company/name or address for correspondence, which are specified in the insurance contract or in other documents provided to the Insurer. In the event of a change in your personal data, we will assist the insurer in making the necessary changes, which will be reflected in the Annex to the policy.

  • Take all necessary measures to limit the damage and save the insured property.
  • Notify the competent authorities.
  • Notify the insurer or your insurance broker within 3 days of the event. In case of theft or robbery, the term is 24 hours.

No, UniCredit Insurance Broker offers insurance mediation services to both legal entities and individuals who are not clients of UniCredit Bulbank.

The services we offer are for both individuals and legal entities.