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Electronic Policy

Electronic Policy

In order a policy to be electronic one, it should be signed by electronic signatures only – both by the insurance company and by the insuring party.

By this opportunity, you will save time and it will not be necessary to visit physically the location of the Broker or of the Insurer.

The insurance contract may be signed in electronic form pursuant to Article 344 (2) of the Insurance Code signed by qualified electronic signatures of the parties pursuant to  Regulation (EU)  No. 910/2014 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 23 July 2014 on electronic identification and trust services for electronic transactions in the internal market and repealing Directive 1999/93/EC  (OG, L 257/3 dated 28 August 2014) and of the Electronic Document and Electronic Trust Services Act.

In order to sign digitally the insurance contract and the documents to it, you are required to possess a QES (qualified electronic signature), which has the value of an autograph. Please take in consideration the fact that not all insurance companies offer this service.   

We, of UniCredit Insurance Broker may offer you issuance of Electronic Insurance Policies upon confirmation by the Insuring Person that they possess QES. The electronic policies issued with the mediation of UniCredit Insurance Broker may be accessed any time through our electronic platform е-Broker.

Each insurance policy may be issued by the Insurer in the form of an electronic document (in case that the employee of the insurer has confirmed that he/she has a qualified electronic signature). The provision and storage of electronic policies should be made electronically (by e-mail or through electronic platform for exchange of documents), respectively. Only in case of entering an insurance contract on Third Party Liability insurance and Accident insurance of the passengers of the public transportation vehicles, the insurer, the insurance intermediary, respectively, is obliged within a period of three business days from signing of the electronic contract to provide to the Insuring Person the insurance contract reproduced as a transcript on paper autographed by the insurer, the insurance intermediary, respectively.

The e-Broker service is accessible from the corporate site of UniCredit Insurance Broker EOOD In order to use the service, you should mandatory provide аn e-mail address where you will receive notifications from UniCredit Insurance Broker. 

In order to enter the e-Broker Online platform use:

  • User name: <PIN/UIC> of the insured (according to the Policy), which you may change after that from their user settings.
  • Password: for initial entry you may use the button for forgotten password in e-Broker. In such a case you will receive a notification by e-mail, containing a link for entering a new password, active for a period of 2 hours from its receipt.

In case of additional questions about the use of e-Broker, you may get in contact with your servicing manager or with the Customer Service Centre by calling phone 02 9765 100, or address us at  jotvsbodfAvojdsfejumfbtjoh/ch.