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Transport and logistics insurance

  • Protection for your loads

  • Risk Management

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Transport and logistics insurance

What do you get?

icon-commercial-vehicle.png The transport sector is dynamic and therefore requires well-thought-out risk management and insurance that is properly adapted to the challenges involved. Risks have a serious impact on the profitability of the business and hinder its sustainable development. Transport companies depend directly on effective risk management and control in order to maintain market share and added value of their services.

icon-desicion-blue.png Regardless of the situation, UniCredit Insurance Broker offers efficient insurance solutions that aim to protect your business, optimize its quality, increase stability and give you the opportunity to control the total cost of insurance. Depending on the nature of their business, our clients may include various types of accidents, as well as travel assistance for international drivers.

icon-people-blue.png Thanks to our many years of experience in insurance of transport and logistics companies, we can offer an effective and cost-optimized combination of insurance to meet the risk profile of each client - international or national carrier, logistics operator, courier or freight forwarder. UniCredit Insurance Broker will assist you in choosing the right insurance solutions according to the specifics of your business.

Types of insurance

Cargo and related material interests are insured during transport, regardless of the type of vehicle, against loss and / or damage, which is a direct consequence of the occurrence of insurance risks covered by the clauses agreed by the parties, which are an integral part of the insurance contract.

The risks covered are determined depending on the specifics of the cargo, the packaging, the type of transport, the starting and ending destinations.

Insurance can be taken out by any natural or legal person; producer and trader of goods, which trades in goods and transports goods.

You can insure all types of cargo transported by sea, land, air or combined transport and related material interests during transportation.

"Carrier's Liability" Insurance is intended for liability insurance of road carriers registered in the Republic of Bulgaria, which carry out transportation of goods against payment.

The insurance is based on the Convention on the Contract for the International Carriage of Goods by Road (CMR) for International Transport and the Road Transport Act (RTA) for Domestic Transport in the Republic of Bulgaria and aims to compensate for losses, shortages or damage from the actions of the haulier in fulfillment of his obligation to transport the goods from one geographical point to another.

The Convention applies to any contract for the carriage of goods by road for remunerated purposes where the place of acceptance of the goods for carriage and the intended place of delivery are located in two different countries.

UniCredit Insurance Broker structures the appropriate combination of property insurance for your business. The property used in carrying out the activity, such as buildings, machines, facilities, equipment and inventory, is insured.

Insurance of warehouses, logistics centers and courier and forwarding offices are voluntary and provide protection to owners, users and tenants.

Our solutions offer coverage of risks against:

  • Fire
  • Natural disasters
  • Floods
  • Plumbing accidents
  • Earthquake
  • Loss of income due to business interruption
  • Theft and robbery
  • Others depending on the specifics of your business.

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In case you need more information about our services, you want to compare the products of different insurance companies or you want to receive an offer, send an inquiry and we will contact you. We will provide you with the necessary advice and tips and we will take into account your specific needs.




Questions and Answers

The sum insured is the one for which the cargo is insured and which is specified in the insurance contract. The sum insured is the actual value of the cargo at the place and time of loading. The sum insured can be increased by up to 10%, which is specified in the insurance policy. If the actual value of the load does not contain the value of the freight, it can be insured separately.

Prior to concluding the insurance, the Insurer, through its representative, has the right to inspect the cargo and / or the vehicle with which the transport will be performed.

Upon occurrence or learning of an insured event, you are obliged to immediately notify the Insurer and to coordinate all future actions with him, strictly following his instructions.

The insurance shall take effect from the moment the goods are first moved to the warehouse or to the place of storage for immediate loading in or on the means of transport commencing the transport, shall continue during the normal route of transport and shall be terminated at the end of unloading from the vehicle at or to the final warehouse or storage location at the location specified in the insurance contract.