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Insurance in manufacturing

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Insurance in manufacturing

What do you get?

icon-equipment-blue.png The sector is one of the fastest growing, in which numerous risks create a wide range of challenges for companies on a daily basis. Installations and machines are extremely expensive and damage to them can lead to huge unexpected costs. New technologies bring with them the possibility of potential risks, although they implement innovative solutions and streamline production processes.

icon-desicion-blue.png Our specialists understand the specific problems of the sector and offer individual treatment and guidelines to help cover any unforeseen losses. We offer expertise that provides solutions that gain a strategic advantage over your competitors. We can limit the impact of specific risks to protect your company's market share, value, balance and reputation.

icon-people-blue.png With our access to different types of products through the leading insurers in Bulgaria, we will prepare an insurance program that meets your business requirements. We will structure optimized and strictly individual solutions, which may contain various combinations of the following insurances - insurance of production and administrative buildings, machinery and equipment, electronic machinery and equipment.

Types of insurance

UniCredit Insurance Broker structures the appropriate combination of insurance for buildings. Our solutions offer coverage of risks against fire, natural disasters, floods, plumbing accidents, earthquakes, theft and robbery and more depending on the needs of your business. We could also agree on covering small damages, which allows them to be removed (repaired) within a day, without additional details on filing claims with insurers.

Regardless of the type of production, we will assist you in finding the right insurance solutions for your machines, equipment, production or electronic equipment. With additional coverage for machine breakdowns, your assets will be protected for any sudden, accidental and unforeseen event, including due to electric shock or negligence of the machine operator.

We offer highly effective and individual insurance solutions against financial losses that your business may suffer as a result of interruption or disruption of normal commercial or production activities as a result of an insurance event on the property covered by your main insurance policy. Insurance coverage is limited to the loss of gross profit due to reduced turnover and increased operating costs.

Depending on the nature of their business, our clients may include different types of Liabilities - General Liability, Employer Liability and Product Liability, combined with an option to cover the cost of withdrawing defective products from the market. To help with the difficult task of retaining and stimulating employees, we find the best combinations of compulsory occupational accident insurance, supplementary health insurance, including for their family members.

Contact form

In case you need more information about our services, you want to compare the products of different insurance companies or you want to receive an offer, send an inquiry and we will contact you. We will provide you with the necessary advice and tips and we will take into account your specific needs.




Questions and Answers

The insurance premium is determined by the insurer, depending on the risk circumstances, the type of the insured property and the history of the damages of the insured. This is usually a percentage of the sum insured of the insured property.

The sum insured is determined on the basis of the replacement or actual value of the asset. Contract value can also be applied. We will help you choose the formation of the sum insured. Please contact us at jotvsbodfAvojdsfejumfbtjoh/ch or fill in the contact form above.

Yes, after duly notifying the insurer. The insurance is certified by issuing a supplement to the policy.

  • The insurance coverage enters into force at 00:01 on the date specified as the starting date in the insurance contract.
  • The insurance coverage is valid for the period for which the respective premium / installment has been paid and according to the term of the insurance contract.
  • The insurance coverage ends at 23:59 on the date specified as the end date in the insurance contract.