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Insurance for technology and cyber risks

  • Protection of your data

  • Security breach expertise

  • Cyber responsibility for your business



Insurance for technology and cyber risks

What do you get?

icon-pc-locked-blue.png Icon_PC_Locked_Blue.pngThe share of technology companies in the global economy is growing every year. Information technologies are attracting more and more attention as one of the fastest growing sectors in Bulgaria. Gradually, the information technology sector is becoming increasingly important for the country's economy, and the development of the sector in the future may be decisive for the process of catching up and growth of wealth.

icon-desicion-blue.png Given the landmark events in both the private and public sectors, information and cybersecurity have never been as high on the agenda as they are today. A company's reputation can be severely damaged by the loss or theft of information. Cyber risks mainly affect business activities that collect and process large amounts of data, information about customers, partners and suppliers.

icon-people-blue.png Our experts have in-depth knowledge of the sector, which can reduce the total cost of insurance. The specifics of the activity of each company implies a different approach in the development and marketing of insurance programs. The main risks to which companies are exposed are the responsibility for mistakes and omissions in the implementation of their projects, with the possible loss of data of customers for and with whom they work.

Types of insurance

UniCredit Insurance Broker will offer you the latest insurance solutions against cyber risks, tailored to the specifics and needs of your company. We offer innovative and personalized insurance solutions. We will work with you to work together to create a cyber risk management program and provide the necessary protection for you and your business, as well as for affected third parties.

Many companies use computers to send, receive, or store electronic data. Data can contain important information, such as personal data, sales forecasts, tax documents, contingency plans and other important company documents. If such information is lost, damaged or stolen due to a security breach, recovery can be difficult and expensive. If you work with such data, UniCredit Insurance Broker will offer you appropriate insurance solutions with which you, your data and the data of your partners and contractors are completely protected.

UniCredit Insurance Broker will assist you in insuring the electronic equipment of your business against material losses, damages or expenses caused by unexpected events on the insured assets.

Both stationary and portable electronic equipment can be insured.

We offer a wide selection of products and coatings that meet the needs and requirements of your business.

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In case you need more information about our services, you want to compare the products of different insurance companies or you want to receive an offer, send an inquiry and we will contact you. We will provide you with the necessary advice and tips and we will take into account your specific needs.




Questions and Answers

The sum insured is determined on the basis of its replacement value, according to accounting documents for purchase. Contract value can also be applied. We will help you choose the formation of the sum insured. Please contact us at jotvsbodfAvojdsfejumfbtjoh/ch or fill in the contact form above.

According to Art. 400. para. 2 of the Insurance Code for replacement insurance value is considered the value for restoration of property with a new one of the same type and quality, including all inherent costs of delivery, construction, installation and others, without applying impairment.

Insurers usually do not require a mandatory inspection before taking out insurance. If necessary, they will notify you of the inspection request.

Yes, after duly notifying the insurer. The insurance is certified by issuing a supplement to the policy.

The notice period is regulated in the General Terms and Conditions of your insurer and varies depending on the type of insurance event. Please check carefully, as meeting these deadlines is usually important for the payment of insurance indemnity.

  • The insurance coverage enters into force at 00:01 on the date specified as the starting date in the insurance contract.
  • The insurance coverage is valid for the period for which the respective premium / installment has been paid and according to the term of the insurance contract.
  • The insurance coverage ends at 23:59 on the date specified as the end date in the insurance contract.