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Our Culture, Purpose & Values

Our Culture, Purpose & Values

We are on a mission to change UniCredit from one of the leading banks in Italy to one of the top tier banks in Europe. If we unlock the potential within our Bank and implement our new blueprint for banking, together, we can be the better bank our customers and investors need.

At UniCredit, we are not afraid of thinking big. We believe in the power of our industry and the good it can do when functioning correctly.

Our Culture is designed to ensure that we are doing just that: functioning as we should be, in a way that will ultimately deliver for all. It is about the synergy of our Purpose, Values and ambition. Each of these are critical - but it is only when they are mutually reinforcing, with a team united behind each equally, will we achieve success for all our stakeholders.

Our Culture

We have come together within a common Culture that puts us back on the front foot, energized and emboldened.

We put our Values at the heart of our decision-making.

And we do this together, as one team, acting as true partners to all our stakeholders.


Our Purpose 

UniCredit recognises that it is essential we unlock the potential of our people, businesses, and communities across Europe.

Our people are united behind one common Purpose - empowering communities to progress - which lies at the heart of everything we do.

Our Values

Our Values are more than just words. They are actions. Mandates. Pledges. When we all commit to these shared Values, we will deliver for our clients. And delivering for our clients - in any way, large or small - is how we fulfil our Purpose.



We act in the best interest of our customers.

We are honest, straightforward, and transparent.

We do the right thing - even when no one is watching.



We deliver on our promises and take accountability for our actions and commitments. 

We are empowered to make decisions and learn from failure. We speak up - to express an idea, an opinion, or when we see something wrong.



We care about our customers, communities and each other. 

We are eager to help one another and for our people to thrive. We treat each other with respect and value our differences.