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Vesela Kondakova

Manager of UniCredit Insurance Broker LTD

Vesela Kondakova


From the beginning of February 2015 Vessela Kondakova has been elected as a manager and together with Kalin Zhelev represent UniCredit Insurance Broker LTD.

She started her career at UniCredit Broker in early 2013 as a Business Development Manager. Actively participates in the development of strategic projects for the company such as: insurance service program for corporate clients of UniCredit Bulbank; development of an online insurance calculator; specialized insurance programs for insurance of UniCredit Leasing assets and signing framework contracts with insurance companies; automation of business processes that help strengthen the leadership positions of UniCredit Broker and customer satisfaction.

Since May 2015 she has been appointed Manager of the Insurance Portfolio Administration and Analysis Team, leading and supporting the team responsible for servicing the entire UniCredit Leasing portfolio, as well as for the administration and reporting to all insurance companies with which UniCredit Broker works. as well as to the Financial Supervision Commission and to the Vienna Reporting Center of UniCredit Group.

Vessela Kondakova has a Master's degree in Finance and has been working in the field of insurance since 2000.