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„…We, UniCredit people, are committed to generating value for our customers. Our goal is to achieve excellence and continuously strive to work easily with us.

Understanding the needs of our customers and undertake measures to meet  their expectations is our primary obligation “.

(From the Mission of UniCredit Group)

Customer satisfaction is our top priority!

Our goal is to respond promptly to any signal of a client to analyze feedback and take appropriate preventive action in future.

You can let us know your positive or negative opinion, suggestion or difficulty you encounter when using our products or services.

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Ways to provide your feedback

In a letter or fax

You can send your signed letter to the headquarters of UniCredit Consumer Financing at Sofia 1303, 14, Gueshevo str., floor 3


In a branch

In person or through an authorized representative after identification in a branch of UniCredit Bulbank . The information provided should be deposited in writing, through the "Form of the client", completed in advance or on the spot.

Important: UniCredit Consumer Financing does not consider anonymous objections.

Reviewing your feedback

Regardless the type of signal any objections / complaints received by UniCredit Consumer Financing shall be examined by a specially created team "Quality and customer satisfaction," whose commitment is carrying out a detailed examination in cooperation with the competent structures of the company and providing a formal written opinion.

If your objection is beyond our competence, we will inform you, if it's possible, about the actions you shouls take.

Upon submitting the appeal by the user associated granting of credit, UniCredit Consumer Financing decides to pay compensation, when considered legitimate the complaint and the amount of compensation shall be determined in each individual case.

We assure you that each case is considered individually  and with the proper attention.

The response time depends on the specifics of the complaint and the necessary checking, including competent departments participating in it. As required by the Consumer Credit Act, UniCredit Consumer Financing is obliged to deliver and return a written response about its decision on the submitted objection within thirty (30) days of its receipt.

In 85% of cases, however, we are able to respond to complaints as quickly as possible - within 3 working days.

If UniCredit Consumer Financing does not act within 30 days of receipt of the objection or if you are not satisfied with the provided from our side response, you may refer the dispute to the Commission for Consumer Protection address: Sofia 1000, 4A, Slaveykov sq., 3rd , 4th and 6th floor or referral the reconciliation commissions established under Art. 182-184 of the Law on Consumer Protection.

The above procedures does not preclude claims or disputes between UniCredit Consumer Financing and users regarding their contractual relationship to be resolved by the competent cour.  Bulgarian legislation is applicable.