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Mission and Values

UniCredit Consumer Financing shares generally accepted  principles and values of UniCredit Group, by placing integrity at the basis of its system.

Mission and Values

We, people from UniCredit, commit ourselves to work for the benefit of our clients.

As a leading European bank we commit ourselves to support development of local communities as a place of residence and to become a place of work of special preference.

We have set it our goal to attain excellent results and to be unswerving in strive to work efficiently.

All the obligations we take will allow us to bring benefits to our shareholders in a long-term perspective.


We, collectively, embody various cultures, knowledge and experience, coming from the banks and companies, incorporated in our Group. Diversity is a key to our Group, which aims at establishing a corporate culture, based on a fully shared set of Values to help strengthen its identity.

These common values pervade and are expected to manifest themselves in relations with colleagues, clients and suppliers, investors and local government authorities.

These values, being guidelines of conduct, facilitate resolving “dilemmas” in everyday work, are as follows:

  • Authorization for discrimination by sex, age, race, political affiliation or trade union activity.
  • Always hold people in respect and high esteem.
  • Authorization to favour people in appointment, promotion and stimulation politics
  • Striving for clients’ satisfaction. Being in attendance on all types of clients. Objectivity in choosing suppliers and turning relations with them to a company’s comparative advantage.
  • To be in attendance on all types of investors without discrimination or favouritism in search for open and highly competitive markets.
  • Establishment of relations as deemed appropriate with all concerned groups to provide assistance, services and opportunities free of discrimination.
  • Incentive measures for local development by providing support to initiatives to cater for the community’s real needs.
  • Share knowledge without monopolization to gain in influence. Ensure transparency in formulating career paths.
  • Provide information of Bank’s products and services in a timely manner. Objective selection of suppliers.
  • Turn market communications into economical and cultural value; strive for transparency, comprehensiveness and timely action; identify more effective communication channels in dealings with investors.
  • Keep community informed for its acts and deeds, ways and means.
  • Define clearly roles and responsibilities of Bank’s employees.
  • Follow closely and always have consideration and respect for employees’ values, emotions and ethics positions; do not put people under pressure or in an adverse position.
  • Keep information of clients or the company proprietary information, assets and resolutions secretive.
  • Introduce channel of communication with suppliers to promote the most innovative and important processes put in place.
  • Introduce a Code of Conduct for investors in line with corporate values and professional ethics in compliance with the highest market standards on the market.
  • Promote eco and socially sustainable growth.
  • Establish organizational culture, where people are untrammeled to voice dissent of opinion or to give opinion.
  • Provide employees with career development opportunities.
  • Manage interpersonal relations based on free will and equality, showing no weakness before those in authority or arrogance before the subordinates.
  • Have free will to keep promise to markets with no further restraints.
  • Regard with respect various Code of Ethics and national cultures in the states of UniCredit’s operations.
  • Keep one’s promise to colleagues while assuming probability of slips.
  • Develop stable and long lasting relations within financial fraternity; keep coherence and faith in the Bank by graciously accepting market criticism.
  • Co-operate and exchange information and expertise to create value and nurse professional identity beyond organizational boundaries.
  • Actively follow the needs of colleagues and exert positive influence on working environment.
  • Ensure high rate of return and confidence in clients to be reciprocated.
  • Foster co-operation with suppliers to allow them collectively to create value and give legitimacy to their corporate identity.
  • Heed to warnings from investors unbiased through established communications channels.

Charter of Human Decency and Fairness

The Charter of Human Decency and Fairness is a result of a continuous process aiming to unite employees into discussion of corporate culture and principles as guidelines. The process has been introduced in 2003 with a project, widely known as “Laboratory of Values” to have involved 1,500 people in Corporate Values workshops.

The Charter puts an accent on the term “Decency and Fairness” as a key driver to the Group Reputation since it is only Decency and Fairness that can translate into Stability.

Stability in itself allows for profits to turn into value for Shareholders. All companies can operate on the market should they have a good reputation to gain a foothold.