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Consumer Loan

  • Remote signing of agreements
  • Application with ID card only
  • Loan amount from BGN 150 up to BGN 75,000
  • Fast response
  • Consolidation of obligations under the best conditions


Consumer Loan




From 3 up to 120 months




Minimum amount


150 BGN

Maximum amount


75 000 BGN

Interest rate type


At the option of the borrower:

  • Fixed for the entire credit period
  • Variable - set aside of market interest rate index (1-month ADI) plus a margin.

Fixed interest rate


optional for the entire loan period

Term of the loan


up to 10 years

Interest terms


Pricing parameters are consistent with:

  • Amount of the loan
  • Transfer of salary at  UniCredit Bulbank



No collateral*

*Subject to individual assessment of the risk profile of the customer

Special conditions

for self-insured clients

No hidden fees


and commissions

Opportunity to get an insurance


with an insurance company partner of UniCredit Consumer Financing

The consumer loan is granted by UniCredit Consumer Financing. The monthly installment amount depends on the loan utilization date and the selected maturity date.

Example: A consumer loan in the amount of BGN 41,000 for 120 months. A monthly installment of BGN 459 with floating AIR 5.09%, APR 6.27% and upon salary transfer and digital signing of the loan agreement.

The total amount due at the end of the loan period is BGN 55 080, including insurance of a total value of BGN 1986.00 for the entire term of the loan. Monthly premium under the insurance - BGN 16.53, which is included in the monthly installment. The loan insurance is not mandatory and is additionally provided at the customer's choice. In the event that no insurance is added to the consumer loan, other loan conditions apply. The interest rate is determined based on the selected repayment period, the signature method and the availability of loan insurance.

*If no insurance policy has been concluded to the consumer loan agreement, no insurance premium shall be added to the monthly installment.

What can you use the loan for?

  • Your home - repairs, purchase of furnishing, new equipment
  • Training
  • Trips and holidays
  • Consolidation of obligations
  • Current or unforeseen expenses
  • Any special moments!

How to apply?

Documents Required

  • ID card only*

*UniCredit Consumer Financing reserves the right to require additional documents

Apply online

Send an inquiry

Call telephone

0700 11 660

Bank branch

Visit the nearest branch of UniCredit Bulbank